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Top 10 Sports Supplements

Top 10 sports supplements

Top 10 sports supplements

Top 10 sports supplementsDeciding which sports supplements to use to complement your daily exercise regime can be a minefield. What works for building lean body mass for some, might not work for others. You should always take short controlled experiments to see which works best for you. It’s also worth noting that these sports supplements shouldn’t be used as a replacement for good old-fashioned exercise and a healthy diet. As the name suggests, they are there to supplement.

Creatine supplements

At the top of the pile and arguably the best known is creatine. The key thing to know about creatine is it’s only there to supplement a high-intensity regime. If you’re just doing light aerobic exercises, it’s just not worth using. Scientific exercise suggests that it is effective in more than 75 percent and is particularly important for vegetarians as the creatine is found naturally in meat.


Another word banded around with few people knowing how, what, and when to take them. Antioxidants are absolutely key to a bodybuilding and heavy exercise regime. Why? When you train, your body creates oxidative reactions with are toxic and these natural sports supplements can help balance them out. They’re found in everything from green tea to grapeseed extract.

Fiber supplements

Top 10 sports supplementsYour body needs a minimum of 5 portions of vegetables a day to get the optimum amount off fiber. It’s particularly important when you’ve exercising and helps lower your blood pressure and the inflammation caused. If you supplement your diet with soluble fiber, you’ll help slow insulin release and control body fat.

Casein whey supplements

These two supplements together can world wonders if you’re looking to body build and grow muscle. The whey kicks in fast hitting your system in just over an hour, whereas casein acts slowly helping to balance the nitrogen in your body seven to eight hours after consumption.

D-Ribose supplements

If used carefully, D-ribose supplements can help fuel your high intensity work outs by helping boost ATP in your body. It’s only worth using for heavy exercise and would be wasted on light aerobics. Best for professional athletes who train every day.

Egg white protein supplements

Easily found and containing a potent mix of over 40 proteins including albumen, egg white supplements are a Top 10 sports supplementsperfectly natural way for building body muscle and aiding recovery after training. You can sometimes find them with yolk, but they aren’t worth the extra spend. Great for those who are lactose intolerant or looking for a dairy-free alternative sports supplement.

Omega-3 fatty acid supplements

It’s something we’ve all heard before, yet few know what positive effects omega-3 fatty acids can have on the body. You don’t need to order anything off the internet to get your daily omega-3 fix. Pop down to the supermarket and bag yourself some fatty fishes like sardines or mackerel and you’re good to go. Studies show you should be eating them at least 3 times a week as part of a healthy diet.

Recovery drink supplements

You’ve probably seen these lurking around the vending machines at your local gym. Containing just the right amount of whey protein and simple carbs, they help promote glycogen and slow insulin release into your body. Don’t worry about taking simple carbs before you train, they won’t convert to fat when you’re working out.

Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements

These two sports supplements usually come together as a combo. While they are found in small quantities in the body already, you’ll need a boost if you’re going to help heal your weary joints after a good work out.

Taurine supplements

Perhaps best known as one of the ingredients in Red Bull, it’s suggested that this amino acid helps to increase cell volume. While research is still ongoing and the juries out at the moment, if you’re going to use taurine as a sports supplement, be sure to use in moderation.

Sports supplements work perfectly alongside a proper exercise plan and a healthy balanced diet. If you’re looking to kick start your fitness regime, join the Thailand Fitness Bootcamp in Chiang Mai. Here, you can immerse yourself in a world of fitness promoted by coaches and nutritionists while exploring this exotic South East Asian nation. Get in touch for more details.

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