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Thai Body Massage Benefits

Thai body massage benefits

Thai body massage benefits

Thai body massage benefitsThai body massage benefits go well beyond just working on your muscles. This ancient practice, whose roots come from India several thousand years ago, is unlike other massage techniques. While other healing practices like Swedish massages where the client simply lies down, Thai massage involves much more movement. Here’s the top benefits of Thai body massage.

Improves mobility and flexibility

One of the biggest benefits to Thai body massages is the improved flexibility and mobility. Many Thai massage techniques are based on ancient yoga practices from India. The combination of stretching and pressure is ideal for improving your range of motions, particularly in shoulders, wrists and ankles. If you have areas you would like your masseuse to work on, just let them know.

Reduces back pain and improves posture

Research on Thai body massages found that those suffering from lower back problems felt a significant reduction in pain, even more so than joint mobilization therapy. Just remember to get the green light from your doctor before you begin receiving a Thai massage as it may not be appropriate for all types of back pain. You may also find improvement in your spine and posture.

Improves mood and reduces stress

Studies have found that Thai massage can be helpful for those suffering with depression or anxiety. According to some research, the therapy can lower cortisol, a hormone associated with increased stress, by as much as 50%. Even if you don’t suffer from a medical condition, Thai massages can help lift your mood and make you feel more relaxed.

Relieves migraines and tension headaches

Thai body massage benefitsWith such intense working environments and so little time to relax and recuperate, it’s no one that much of the population suffer form migraines and tension headaches. In a recent study, it was discovered that Thai body massages were very effective in reducing the intensity of headaches compared to those given a placebo treatment.

A treatment for osteoarthritis

Benefits to the musculoskeletal system from Thai massages are well documented. It’s particularly beneficial for those suffering from osteoarthritis. Researchers have found that the therapy can help reduce joint pain in the neck, hands and knees much more than other therapies such as Swedish massages.

Helps stroke rehabilitation

Strokes can be devastating, both physically and emotionally. While a doctor should always be consulted before starting Thai massage therapy, it is thought that over a relatively short amount of time, patients have found improved mobility, a reduction in pain, better sleep patterns and an improved mood. Thai massages can help reduce muscle spasms and stiffness making walking easier.

Boosts energy and mental stimulation

If you’re feeling tiredness and fatigue every day, regular Thai massage might be for you. This ancient therapy taps into the body’s energy lines unblocking them to help improve energy and reduce illness. While you may not believe in energy lines, research has proved that the therapy can increase energy and mental stimulation.

While we will always recommend finding a good Thai masseuse at home, you can’t beat a Thai massage in the country of origin. If you’re looking to kick start your fitness regime, consider booking onto a course at our bootcamp in Northern Thailand. Not only will you experience some of the best Thai massages in the region, you’ll also lose weight, learn about nutrition, received expert coaching and meet like-minded people from around the world. All the transport, food, accommodation, coaching and visits to the local attractions are included, plus there’s often last-minute deals if you get in touch.

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