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Please be aware that we cannot guarantee specific results and results vary from person to person. Please visit our Trip Advisor page for added verification and fresh start reviews from our guests.

In March 2020 we closed down due to Covid . It is now 2023 and we are just re-launching our amazing retreats. We have now added a yoga, activity and wellness retreat which Louise will be hosting and leading. We will add new fresh start reviews in 2023 as we get them. We hope to see you in 2023! 

This is my third time at Fresh Start and every time is a life changing experience. It’s a body check-up. I plan to come once a year at my age, 57, I feel It’s a really good way to focus and make sure your health is on track. Even if you know you are fit, I recommended a week at Fresh Start just to revive and see an improvement or just to see if you are as fit as you thought. Sights are great, best camp in Thailand.
Weight loss 4.4 kilo, Waist width 5 cm In 1 week.
-Kevin Lewis, 21 – 28 February 2020, Australia.

This was my second time attending the Bootcamp. I brought my two sons which was great . unfortunately I arrived with an arm injury that prevented some activities. However, Anton our instructor was accommodating and adapted exercises. What can I say, it was amazing as it was last time. Anton and Pong were both very professional and very focused to help us all. Highly recommend to anyone.
Weight loss 6.9 kilo, Waist width 8 cm fat In 1 week.
-Gavin Bright, 21 – 28 February 2020, Australia.

Pong and Anton are top notch trainers. Had heaps of fun, definitely would recommend.
Weight loss 3 kilo, Waist width 5 cm, Lost 5.1 % body fat In 1 week.
-Levi Bright, 21 – 28 February 2020, Australia.

It was great, I enjoyed it a lot.
-Hunter Bright, 21 – 28 February 2020, Australia.

Fresh Start has created a winning formula for people who need that little bit of extra to help them on the path of health fitness and motivation. The venue is secluded and quiet so you can focus on your goals without everyday distractions. The meals are inclusive and planned for ultimate fat/weight loss. the trainers have been awesome. Methee and Prom encouraged us to do our best while making us feel comfortable and having loads of good laughs. All the staff at the hotel have been attentive and friendly though out my stay. Thank you Fresh Start. I will be back.
Weight loss 2 kilo, Waist width 5.4 cm In 1 week.
-Sarah Ratcliffe, 7 – 14 February 2020, UK.

I am very pleased with my first few days here (I still have another 9 coming). Our assigned staff, Pong is excellent. He is friendly, supportive and motivating. The exercise regime is varied and fun and of course quite challenging and strenuous. That’s why I’m here of course! The food reflects the goals of the bootcamp. I love Thai food, so I order just a tiny bowl of curry to dip my food into for extra flavour without compromising the nutritional goals. The executive villa is very spacious and well appointed. Weena, the manager, has been incredibly organized with communication and logistics. Overall and not surprisingly, I’m impressed.
-Steve Belkin, 4 – 12 February 2020, USA.

I was very happy with my trainer Pong. He was very attentive and helpful plus very motivating. Took great care of me. The staff in general were all great. Weena and Big were really sweet and helpful. Thai massages both personal were great. Pong is the best and very smart. Very happy and satisfied. Thank you so much.
Waist width 14 cm, Lost 2.6 % body fat in 1 week.
-Vidisha Shahani, 31 January – 7 February 2020, India.

So here I was in November 2019, 56 years old, over weight and recognising the first degenerative health issues. I decided to go on a journey to better health – physically and mentally. My research led me to Fresh Start. Yes fresh start seemed an appropriate headline for my health turnaround. I set my mind on it and after some dialogue with Weena, the Fresh Start manager, I booked in a 4 week programme. So here I am now after my 4 week programme. Happier, lighter (11 kg weight loss, more agile and determined to lose another 11 kg). just commit and sign up, invest in your health, the best investment you can ever do. Everything is arranged for you. A well thought out program including cycling, hiking, yoga, swimming and classes. Great healthy weekly food plan and saw lots of Thai Culture. The Trainers are amazing and always go the extra mile. Thanks Anton, Methee, Pong and Jo. I am leaving with a smile.
Weight loss 11 kilo, Waist width 10 cm, Lost 5.8 % body fat In 4 weeks.
-Malte Petersen, 2 – 31 January 2020, Germany.

Quiet and restful resort. Great diversity of activities and really motivated trainers. Meals are very tasty, healthy and low calories. Best weight loss Resort in Thailand. I highly recommended.
Weight loss 11 kilo, Waist width 14 cm, Lost 6 % body fat in 4 weeks.
-Said Soussi, 3 – 31 January 2020, Belgium.

I am so glad I come for the Fresh Start Bootcamp. Thank you, Methee and Pong. It has been a very enjoyable experience for me. The trainers are both live wires, very responsible and professional. I will miss both of them as well as fellow boot campers Malte, Said and Baglan. These experiences and memories will stay with me for life.
-Dorothy Chee, 10 – 17 January 2020, Singapore.

I just spent 3 wonderful weeks at fresh start and I come away re-energized and miles fitter. Thanks to the wonderful team of trainers. This is my second visit and I plan to come again to keep up my level of fitness and strength. Keep up the good work!
-Henry Leung, 17 December 2019 – 8 January 2020, UK.

I never expected to see so much change in my one week stay. A very well thought out program and amazing team of trainers made this my best boot camp ever! Jo and Methee are exceptional trainers. Very thoughtful and their great attitude created a positive atmosphere in the camp. As a result we had a boot camp with a bunch of positive and supportive people. Without a doubt this was the best week of 2019 for me.
Weight loss 2.7 kilo, Waist width 3 cm in 1 week.
-Babak Ataolahieshkoor, 23 – 30 December 2019, UK.

My husband and I have had such a fantastic week, we are just so sad to leave. Our group have been incredible. Food fantastic. Accommodation and massages superb. The plan is well written and so many fun activities. We both feel like new people.
Now, our beloved trainers, What would we do without Methee and Jo. Make an incredible team, supportive, kind, understanding and encouraging. They have gone above and beyond during our stay and ”fresh start” is lucky to have them. Methee and Jo – we love you guys and are really going to miss you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a bootcamp to remember for sure!!!
Weight loss 2.7 kilo, Waist width 1.8 cm in 1 week.
-Ruth Welton, 23 – 30 December 2019, UK.

Good program overall, good trainers qualifications and motivation. Ability to adapt the program to all levels of people. Leaving with a happy feeling overall as results are here and in line with expectations. Would be a good idea to foster sustainability with providing hard bottle to refill and not using everyday multiple water bottles. Good luck to Methee and Jo on rest of their journeys. Happy new year x See you soon.
Weight loss 5 kilo, Waist width 2.5 cm, Lost 1.3 % body fat in 2 weeks.
-Francois Blome, 22 December 2019 – 3 January 2020, France.

Really enjoyed Methee and Jo. They support us the whole time and made the hard parts fun. Loved the Waterpolo and Muaythai. Pong is a really great instructor for Muay Thai.
Weight loss 3 kilo, Waist width 5.7 cm, Lost 2.9 % body fat in 1 week.
-Anneria Bender, 27 December 2019 – 3 January 2020, South Africa.

Jo and Methee were the best.
Weight loss 2 kilo, Waist width 10 cm, Lost 3.3 % body fat in 1 week.
-Anna Brakey, 27 December 2019 – 3 January 2020, Australia.

It was amazing. The best part was the great hospitality and support from the trainers. The group activities where fun, all boot campers cheered for one another. Thank you and Happy new year!
Weight loss 2.5 kilo, Waist width 3.8 cm in 2 weeks.
-Kristi Ryu, 22 December 2019 – 3 January 2020, Korea.

All the Bootcamp staff are extremely friendly and fun loving, the outside coaches, ie Tennis and cycling are also fun loving people which all contributes to a great experience.
-Alan Sullivan, 25 October – 22 November 2019, Australia.

Methee was a brilliant instructor as were the tennis teacher and the spice roads cycle guys, overall a well organised and fun experience. The variation in activities made the hard work more fun. I would come back to train again with Methee and the team for sure. Weena was also great with the admin side of things so I could focus on the training. Many thanks guys.
-Jamie Ralph, 1 – 8 November 2019, UK

Methee and Pong were our instructors. They have been great at motivating us and also being careful to calibrate the workouts to each participants abilities. For example, my knees are pretty shot, Some of the exercises would have been painful for me to do But they substituted other exercises for me. This helped me to carry on with the classes without hurting my knees. They both also have great knowledge of fitness, especially Muay Thai Boxing. We have spent a lot of the time Laughing. All in all it’s been a lot of fun.
Weight loss 2 kilo, Waist width 3 cm, Lost 2.9 % body fat in 1 week.
-Nadium Jinnah, 8 – 11 October 2019, USA.

I arrived with a target for not only weight loss but 6 weeks of being away from distractions of life. This camp is a good place as it’s very isolated. The trainers are helpful and interested in your wellbeing. I am now lighter and well on my way to furthering my health and fitness progress. Thanks to Methee, Pong, Jo and Anton.
Weight loss 12 kilo, Waist width 15 cm, Lost 6.2 % body fat in 6 weeks.
-David Innes, 29 August – 11 October 2019, Scotland.

The Bootcamp was wonderful! The location Pavana is beautiful as is all the areas where we hike and exercise. It really helped me challenge myself and my body which I appreciate. However, what I must commend in particular and what made this bootcamp extra special and fun are the trainers (Pong and Methee) they always made sure that we felt taken care of and were emotionally well. I have to thank Pong in particular as I had brought my 13 years old sister to the Bootcamp, she is 13, and I was worried for her safety, ability and endurance to be able to keep up with such a rigorous schedule. however Pong always kept an eye out for her on days such as the biking days to keep me feeling comfortable that she was okay. Overall it was a wonderful experience. Thank you.
Weight loss 2.7 kilo, Waist width 4.5 cm in 2 weeks.
-Nadine Refai, 1 – 13 August 2019, UAE.

The Bootcamp was amazing! The instructors were so friendly and the exercises were great and fun. The instructor Pong was so great he helped me when I was about to fall and made us laugh, this was a wonderful experience and all the activities were extremely fun. Thank you.
Weight loss 2.7 kilo, Waist width 6 cm, Lost 1.3 % body fat in 2 weeks.
-Malak Refai, 1 – 13 August 2019, UAE.

My first week with the Fresh Start team has been an absolute delight. The first two days were extremely tough for me and I felt like bailing after every exercise. Thankfully, Methee and Kitty were always there and always encouraging. They kept spirits up and supported everyone through out the week. I couldn’t have done this without them and without the comradery of our small group. I am slowly grainy back my stamina and fitness and I am looking forward to my time at getting fitter in the next two weeks.
All the trainers have been great, especially Methee, Pong and Kitty (I believe I have experience all trainers in my time here). Food is good and delicious. I am really happy with my results here. Weena has been particularly prompt and helpful with my numerous requests.
Weight loss 5.2 kilo, Waist width 5 cm, Lost 2.9 % body fat in 3 weeks
-Ting Yan New, 30 July – 13 August 2019, Singapore.

I had a fantastic week at the Fresh Start Bootcamp. Methee and Pong were great trainers that pushed me hard but were also great fun. I exceeded my fitness and weight goals in my time there. I would definitely come back another time, particularly for the Muay Thai boxing classes. Everything was great, the trainers, food and variety of program.
Weight loss 4.2 kilo, Waist width 7 cm, Lost 9.6 % body fat in 1 week.
-Adrian Wong, 2 – 9 August 2019, Australia.

Methee, Kitty and the Fresh Start are the best. They truly understand the strengths and weakness of every member in the group and ways to improve their fitness. They made training fun and challenging. After spending the week working with them I feel more confident to continue a robust training programme for myself when I return home. Truly this has been the greatest experience and challenge in many years.
Fresh Start Guest
The past 3 weeks have been challenging and rewarding. The Fresh Start instructors kept the course fun and people motivated. The programme is well designed and I am back on track to continue losing weight and improving my fitness. Thank you Fresh Start.
Weight loss 4.6 kilo, Waist width 6 cm, Lost 1.3 % body fat in 3 weeks.
-Susan Farrar, 12 July – 1 August 2019, US.

Day 26. What a difference. I’ve come a long way, feel remarkable, have confidence that I didn’t before and I am ready to begin a “Fresh Start” in my life. It wasn’t easy but recommended to anyone considering the programme, to stick with it, remain positive, trust your instructors, and you will achieve the results you want. After 26 days I lost 9 kilos. An amazing feat was done. I thank the instructors, for their passion, discipline, and motivation to push me through this. I would say to anyone considering an experience. Like this “Do it” We all have our reasons to be here. If you commit, the results will be amazing.
Weight loss 9 kilo, Waist width 5 cm in 4 weeks.
-Eric Seibert, 1 – 28 July 2019,US.

Jo and Pong are great trainers. They made all the activities fun and encouraged everyone to do the best they can. Their positive energy is contagious and show genius concern of our well beings. It’s doesn’t matter your fitness level. The whole group have fun. Weena responded everything promptly from the moment we request information via WhatsApp to during the Bootcamp. The logistic is great.
Weight loss 2.6 kilo, Waist width 7.2 cm, Lost 3 % body fat in 1 week.
-Benny Ng, 12 – 19 July 2019, Hong Kong.

The activities are well planned and fun. The food is good. The trainers Pong and Jo are wonderful, kind, professional and trustworthy.
Weight loss 1.4 kilo, Waist width 2.5 cm in 1 week.
-Rachel Lui, 12 – 19 July 2019, Hong Kong.

Second visit to Fresh Start and still enjoyed myself a lot.I’m fitter and more toned than when I came. New Muay Thai gym is better than previous one. Trainers are very good as usual.
-Katherine Nelson 23 June – 5 July 2019, UK.

Good varied programme. The small group makes it possible to focus on the individuals.
It is definitely hard work, but it is worth it. I have done two weeks now and feel a lot fitter. It takes some days getting used to (temperature, humidity, diet and exercise) and thus, the second week has been more effective for me. Thanks to the trainers.
Weight loss 3.5 kilo, Waist width 6.5 cm, Lost 2.7 % body fat in 3 weeks.
-Jette Nyenstad Eneyoldsen, 26 June – 16 July 2019, Germany.

Methee is a brilliant Bootcamp leader. He is fun and energetic all the time, which goes a long way when you are tired and warn out. Kitty was also very helpful and expert in the stretching activities. Help and support from Weena when we needed it was brilliant. Loved especially the kick boxing school and the food. Shame we could only make 4 days. Thank you team.
Weight loss 6.6 kilo, Waist width 2 cm, Lost 4.5 % body fat in 4 days.
-Maggie Scott, 23 – 27 June 2019, UK

There’s no mercy, but it’s totally worth it! The Fresh Start trainers maintain the intensity but keep it good fun. I’m so happy with my results in only a few days. Be interested to see what 2 weeks or longer would produce.
Weight loss 7.9 kilo, Waist width 2 cm, Lost 4% body fat in 4 days.
-Phil Drummond, 23 – 27 June 2019, UK.

Great instructors, kept us motivated and were great fun. It was tough but a great experience. Amazing food and accommodation.
-Morwenna Berth- jones 14 – 24 June 2019, UK

I had some worries when I arrived, but when we turned up and were greeted by Methee and Pong I felt really comfortable. Don’t come here if you want an easy ride and are not prepared to give it 100%. At times you might not think so, but if you trust the program and the food plan it will all work out in the end as you get stronger and fitter. I’m 67 and lost 5.4kg in one week. You can do this too!
Weight loss 5.4 kilo, Waist width 6 cm in 1 week.
-Lance Andrews, 14 – 21 June 2019, New Zealand.

A beautiful environment to improve your fitness and test yourself. An opportunity to experience Muay Thai Boxing, Yoga and Pilates with great trainers. Off-site visits to tourist attractions encompassing the fitness activities makes for a varied exercise programme. Professional trainers who were very supportive and encouraging to each person to achieve their personal best. Awesome food. Amazing massages. Thanks for the challenge and opportunity to meet and make new friends.
Weight loss 1.8 kilo, Waist width 9 cm in 1 week.
-Kaaren Vodanovich, 14 – 21 June 2019, New Zealand.

Wow, what an experience. Thinking this would be just about meditation and yoga. I was firstly overwhelmed it was an actual Bootcamp. Everyday I was challenged and at times felt’ what have I got myself in to’. But with the continued encouragement from Fresh Start trainers Methee and Pong I completed each challenge and now feel I can do anything. My weight has dropped. Fitness level improved and I’ve become more flexible. Best of all my trainers have become my friends. Would highly recommend.
Weight loss 5.4 kilo, Waist width 7 cm in 1 week.
-Shane Muller, 14 – 21 June 2019, New Zealand.

Fresh Start delivers just what it promises. Fresh Start trainers are encouraging and inspiring and very patient come you won’t regret it.
Weight loss 4.8 kilo, Waist width 3 cm in 1 week.
-Ngaire Rix, 1 – 8 June 2019, New Zealand.

I felt very anxious before arriving for my 3 week course but I was immediately put at ease once I met The team. Very tough few weeks but all the instructors and assistants have really helped push me. Special mention to Pong, Methee, Tawun and Jo all have been great. Onwards and upward.
Weight loss 8.5 kilo, Waist width 9.5 cm, Lost 18.8 % body fat in 3 weeks.
-Aaron Appleton, 10 – 31 May 2019, UK.

95 Kg to 89 Kg So happy! What an amazing experience, truly life changing. Pong, Ricky and the team were great. I enjoyed it so much I am bringing my 3 boys and girlfriend back to do it in December. Thank you so much.
Weight loss 6 kilo, Waist width 8 cm, Lost 2.6 % body fat in 1 week.
-Gavin Bright, 10 – 17 May 2019, Australia.

It’s my second time at Fresh Start, the first time set me up to get fitter and the second time let me test myself and see my self improvements. I have recommended Fresh Start to friends and they have all enjoyed it as well, think it will be an annual event. Great work all trainers and staff.
Weight loss 3.5 kilo, Waist width 6 cm in 1 week.
-Kevin Lewis, 10 – 17 May 2019, Australia.

For anyone thinking about Fitness Bootcamps and researching then stop, This is the one! great fun, great results and great trainers, Thanks.
Weight loss 4.6 kilo, Waist width 7 cm, Lost 5.1 % body fat in 1 week.
-Jim Moore, 10 – 17 May 2019, Australia.

Great varied workouts for a solid week of fitness. Very good for weight loss and health in general, lost 8.6 kg in the week, so I am very pleased. Coming back for round 2 in December and beyond.
Weight loss 8.6 kilo, Waist width 7 cm in 1 week.
-Gerard McNeill, 10 – 17 May 2019, Australia.

The Fresh Start fitness Bootcamp has been a fantastic experience, fun, challenging and motivating. Having lost 17 cm in total from my waist, arms, hips and legs. Feels like a great result. I overall feel happier, fitter, stronger and more motivated. Other benefits have been more restful sleep and improved skin condition. The team couldn’t have been better, they are always encouraging. Professional and ensure everyone is included. Excellent. Loved it!
lost 7cm from waist and improved fitness test times from 11.36 to 07.50
-Deborah Laurent, 3 – 17 May 2019, UK.

A great experience, Good fun, challenging and ultimately Very rewarding. Superb variety of training and excellent instructors who support and encourage. Highly recommended.
Weight loss 4.9 kilo, Waist width 5.5 cm, Lost 4.8% body fat in 2 weeks.
-Jon Chester, 3 – 17 May 2019, UK.

Fantastic team, on tack do meet all of your needs. Enjoyable social retreat with delicious meal plan. Would recommended to anyone who wants to improve and push their fitness.
Weight loss 3.3 kilo, Waist width 7 cm, Lost 6.9 % body fat in 1 week.
-Joel Coran, 3 – 10 May 2019, UK.

The difference here, was the feeling of care. My goals were important to the instructors. They were permanently attentive. It was a super experience throughout, I never felt like a customer, more like I was part of a team, pushing together in luxury. But don’t stop there, we got great results, We pushed, we achieved, We doubled distance, walked and ran faster, punched harder, swam farther and always looked for the next level. An environment was created where we set our goals, and moved purposefully to meet them, and smashed them! I was a fit guy coming into this and I go home with the feeling that now, anything is possible.
Weight loss 5.7 kilo, Waist width 5 cm, Lost 1.5% body fat in 10 days.
-James Morgan, 19-30 April 2019, Germany.

I came to Fresh Start Bootcamp to lose weight and improve my fitness level. In two weeks I managed to lose over 3 kg and lose 14 cm from off of my belly and hips. It would not be so enjoyable without two amazing trainers,Tawun and Pong, who were great support all the way.
Weight loss 3 kilo, Waist width 14 cm, Lost 2.9% body fat in 2 weeks.
-Joanna Bederska, 12 – 26 April 2019, Poland.

Pong and the team were fantastic, punctual, professional and inspirational. Thank you.
Weight loss 1 kilo, Waist width 6 cm, Lost 3.1% body fat in 1 week.
-Eileen Courtney, 12 – 19 April 2019, UK.

It was a wonderful experience exploring my current fitness level and achieving my goals. A Learning experience in terms of correct diet. Basically I did a swot analysis of how much I should give and where. Great trainers, lovely place. I will be back.
Weight loss 2.2 kilo, Waist width 5 cm in 1 week.
-Kamakshi Lekshmanan, 15 – 22 April 2019, India.

My idea to come to the Fresh Start Bootcamp was to do sports, have a reset on wrong eating habits and relax! well, I did all of that, but even more in this environment it is so nice to adapt to do sports (especially because the trainers Tawun and Methee and Pong encouraged me to do more than I expected I could do. Thank you for that. Perfect meals for the programme and although the sports programme was really tough we got to see a lot of the countryside and people. Great. Fantastic. I’m feeling so good to continue with all of that back at home. Best trainers I ever had. Thank you.
Weight loss 2.4 kilo, Waist width 5.5 cm in 2 weeks.
-Petra Schlutter genannt Neuhaus, 22 March – 5 April 2019, Germany.

I had a great experience at Fresh Start Bootcamp. My week passed very quickly as each day was filled with fun activities. The trainers were really fun and able to adapt to weather conditions or health issues. High lights were the bicycle tour, MauyThai boxing sessions, cardio tennis and the last evening spent at the Thai restaurant and night market.
-Veronique Lecat, 30 March – 5 April 2019, Ireland.

Such an awesome and fulfilling week with Tawun and Methee. They pushed us when needed, used words of motivation when they saw fit and most importantly, provided lessons I will put to use when back home. I’m taking away more than just weight loss and fitness. They have taught me that it does not take much to keep moving. Thank you. The food was great and the days were very well planned.
Weight loss 1 kilo, Waist width 2 cm, Lost 2.1% body fat in 1 week.
-Monica Kotwani, 22 – 29 March 2019, Singapore.

We have had a fantastic week at Fresh Start, being challenged in a variety of different ways. I Have loved everything we have done. Every day is different from the next- cycling, swimming and hiking. All the food options were delicious.
What a great 12 days it has been. Jez has certainly made our Bootcamp one trip to remember. We have been continuously challenged and achieved way beyond our expectations. The variety of activities was great. Susie was a ray of sunshine and was an absolute pleasure. Our assistant Pong and Jo were great also. Thanks we had a ball.
Weight loss 3.2 kilo, Waist width 5 cm, Lost 2.1% body fat in 12 days.
-Andrea Morgan, 8 – 20 March 2019, Australia.

Not knowing what to expect has been harder than I thought, but Jez and Pong have been great in helping me get though. I got more out it than I ever thought possible. My weight loss has been good and I am feeling better in myself.
Second week has been a lot easier on the body than the first, not quite as sore. Jez and Jo keep you going with their enthusiasm encouragement and fun. Also the different things that we get to do make it more interesting.
Weight loss 3.2 kilo, Waist width 6.5 cm in 12 days.
-Russell Morgan,8 – 20 March 2019, Australia.

Diversity of activities was great and much appreciated. The enthusiasm of Pong, The professionality of Jez, Jo was great and Susie is amazing.
-Martine Kuaffmann, 12 – 22 March 2019, France.

I have done a number of bootcamps previously and I was expecting this to be similar in nicer surrounding, but I was not anticipating the fabulous experiences that this bootcamp provided. Anton and Jo looked after us so well and delivered an extremely well planned programme. It was hugely varied and allowed us to see some amazing local sights
as well as pushing us to our limits. All of us saw great results after the week and it felt more like a holiday than just a fitness camp. Thank you for such a fab time.
Weight loss 1.6 kilo, Waist width 2.5 cm, Lost 1.1% body fat in 1 week.
-Hannah Frost, 22 February – 1 March 2019, UK.

The trainers Anton and Jo made the Bootcamp totally amazing. They provided great classes and fitness sessions and adapted as necessary. The food was lovely and easy to make changes individual tastes. I would highly recommend Fresh Start 100%, professional, motivating, encouraging and great team spirit
Weight loss 2.3 kilo, Waist width 6 cm in 1 week.
-Andrea Straughan, 22 February – 1 March 2019, UK.

Jez was a great trainer, very focused and the right balance of pushing and listening to your body. Pong and Weena are very helpful. Loving the Bootcamp
-Luke Sullivan, 17 – 25 February 2019, Hong Kong.

This Bootcamp is really well designed and effective. I think Jez is a great trainer and really pushes your limits. The trainers also understand your body and help design workouts. I would love be be back again soon, looking forward to the next few days with Anton and Jo who are also really fun to workout with.
Weight loss 1.2 kilo, Waist width 2 cm, Lost 3% body fat in 2 weeks.
-Kanupriya Singh, 13 – 27 February 2019, India.

Anton is a legend, I learned such a lot. Jez I learned a lot. Pong and Jo where both excellent in supporting and Weena really Made us feel at home.
Weight loss 2.6 kilo, Waist width 3 cm in 2 weeks.
-Khaiyyaam bin Khalid, 6 – 22 February 2019, Denmark.

The instructors worked us super hard and were very helpful. Jo is super sweet and very caring, Great personality. Anton and Jez were very kind and great coaches. Pushed me hard to lose my extra KG. I enjoyed all activities, especially the long walks, hiking all day and the tennis lessons. The tennis instructor and the Mauy Thai boxing were hilarious and super fun.
Weight loss 1 kilo, Waist width 5 cm, Lost 2.4% body fat in 2 weeks.
-Patricia Dos Santos, 8 – 22 February 2019, US.

I’m very pleased with my results. Jez, Anton , Jo and Pong have been amazing. I will definitely be coming again.
Weight loss 2.9 kilo, Waist width 15 cm, Lost 1.6% body fat in 2 weeks.
-Michael Persson, 8 – 22 February 2019, US.

Fresh Start Bootcamp was the perfect way to spend a week taking care of myself. The setting was peaceful and variety of activities was challenging and fun. Our trainers, Jez and Methee were encouraging and professional and knew how to make things safe. They tailored each activity to the strengths of each participant. We are so grateful for all of their help and knowledge and thanks to Weena for all the information and guidelines throughout the holiday. Thank you for a wonderful week and a fresh start to leading a healthy lifestyle.
Weight loss 1.8 kilo, Waist width 4.5 cm in 1 week.
-Carla Molloy, 2 – 9 February 2019, US.

Jez and Methee are wonderful trainers; they are encouraging, tough but kind. They are funny, a pleasure to be around. They are knowledgeable; understand fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. They are professional and both are skilled at customer service.
Weight loss 2.3 kilo, Waist width 7.2 cm in 1 week.
-Christopher Schuster, 2 – 9 February 2019, US.

A tough but fun week. The knowledge of Jez was fantastic as we were able to ask questions about diet and healthy living that weren’t including in any of the literature. The Muay Thai session with Methee were fantastic, fun and informative, I learned so much. Thank you. The balance of the programme and exercises were very good and it was great to finish the days off with yoga or stretching classes.
Weight loss 2 kilo, Waist width 2 cm, Lost 3.3% body fat in 1 week.
-Gemma Archer, 1 – 8 February 2019, UK.

Couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. Pavana staff were lovely. Jez created a great programme flexible enough to cater for all levels. Both Methee and Pong were also great and very supportive. Couldn’t ask for anything more.
Weight loss 2.8 kilo, Waist width 7 cm, Lost 3.3% body fat in 12 days.
-Jack Chinn, 3 – 15 January 2019, UK.

Thank you to Jez, Methee and my fellow boot campers for a fantastic week of fitness and fun. An excellent variety of activities for all fitness levels. Cardio, strength, mobility and flexibility. Plenty of stretching warming up and warming down to keep us (mainly older ladies)Injury free and ready for every day. Thank you to Anton for the Sunday hike. Excellent food and accommodation.
Waist width 4.1 cm in 1 week.
-Sarah McDonald, 4 – 11 January 2019, Australia.

I really enjoyed my week at Fresh Start Fitness Bootcamp. I thought the instructors, Jez and Methee were exceptional. They were knowledgeable, helpful, and enthusiastic and were always motivating us. Always taking in to consideration the different fitness levels of the group. Overall I had a fantastic time and would certainly do this again.
Waist width 2 cm, Lost 4.2% body fat in 1 week.
-David Greatorex, 4 – 11 January 2019, UK.

My third visit to Fresh Start was another success. Anton, Jo, Jez and Methee were all wonderful and were able to accommodate my need for modified workouts, the variety of activities are fantastic. I will be back again.
Weight loss 2.8 kilo, Waist width 10.8 cm, Lost 1.5% body fat in 2 weeks.
-Joann Hu, 28 December 2018 – 11 January 2019, US.

Thanks for another amazing week of Bootcamp. Jez and Methee did an awesome job. I also liked that Jez did some adjustments to the last Bootcamp. Can’t wait to be back. Thank you so much.
Waist width 2 cm, Lost 1% body fat in 1 week.
-Sascha Kliegel, 4 – 11 January 2019, Hong Kong.

My goals at Fresh Start were to improve my fitness, increase my cardiovascular and strength, while enjoying the beauty of Chiang Mai. Fresh Start exceeded my expectations. Jez was a phenomenal leader. He had me doing more than I thought I could. all the while motivating and supporting me. Methee was so much fun as well. Fresh Start was an amazing experience. I had the best time and met all my fitness goals. I would love to come back. Thank you Weena, Methee, and Jez for the most memorable time ever.
Weight loss 2.4 kilo, Waist width 3.7 cm, Lost 1.5% body fat in 1 week.
-Kyung Shipman, 4 – 11 January 2019, US.

I have been at Fresh Start Bootcamp, Chiangmai for 2 weeks and had an amazing time. Fantastic guests and brilliant trainers. Lots of useful information and varied workouts. Good fun and definitely recommended it.
Weight loss 7 kilo, Waist width 10.3 cm, Lost 1.3% body fat in 2 weeks.
-Ian Blacker, 28 December 2018 – 11 January 2019. UK.

I loved my week at Fresh Start. It was a great way to get back into shape after taking some time off due to an injury. The trainers worked us really hard, challenging us yet always being supportive and willing to make accommodations. I enjoyed the wide variety of activities we did and felt much healthier at the end of the week. I really recommend Fresh Start for anyone who wants to get fit, lose weight, or have a rejuvenating holiday.
Weight loss 1.2 kilo, Waist width 8.5 cm, Lost 1.9% body fat in 1 week.
-Arden Reynold, 29 December 2018 – 5 January 2019, US.

Great variety in activities. Very knowledgeable and motivating trainers. Nice natural environment.
Weight loss 3.6 kilo, Waist width 10 cm, Lost 4.3% body fat in 1 week.
-Thomas Graf, 28 December 2018 – 4 January 2019, Australia.

This is the best fitness camp in Thailand. The exhilarating walks in the hills are amazing. The trainers Anton and Jez are extremely encouraging and knowledgeable. It’s a pleasure to spend a few weeks here.
Weight loss 10.7 kilo, Waist width 10 cm in 4 weeks.
-Jayant Gupta, 2 December 2018 – 4 January 2019, India.

Had a super fantastic 2 weeks.Great range of activities, super instructors and so very supportive and effective. Anton was fantastic and was a super star. Pong was energizing and so funny. Also had a session with Jez who was super. Weena provided all-round management support in a super friendly and efficient way. Great group of people to share the activities with. Highly recommended.
Weight loss 2 kilo, Waist width 6 cm, Lost 3% body fat in 2 weeks
-Lesley Rhodes, 21 December 2018 – 4 January 2019, UK.

I found Fresh Start to be great and perfect for what I needed. From being an inactive smoker who’s workout routine involved nothing, to being able to run a whole mile without stopping and complete fitness tests under 10 minutes, I cannot be happier.
Weight loss 6.2 kilo, Waist width 8 cm, Lost 3% body fat in 1 week.
-Samuel Chapman, 28 December 2018 – 4 January 2019, Switzerland.

A great way to spend the festive season. After many year of gaining weight over Christmas, Fresh Start boot camp was a fabulous way to begin the New Year. Feeling lighter and fitter.
Weight loss 2.2 kilo, Lost 2.3% body fat in 1 week.
-Luke Coast, 21 – 28 December 2018, UK.

The staff were great at doing their job. Weena with my crazy schedule, Anton with the exercise and food and Pong with his motivational inspiration. If you push through you will definitely get results.
Weight loss 2.6 kilo, Waist width 5 cm in 1 week.
-Rhys McGuckin, 21 – 28 December 2018, Australia.

Exceeded my expectations. The hardest workouts ever, but 100% welcome. Lost 2.3 kg in 2.5 days. My special thanks to Jez and Methee. Thanks guys.
The hardest 10 days ever, but a great time! Anton, Pong and Weena took great of us. I highly recommended this fitness program and company. It’s given me a Fresh Start in my life, my health and my happiness.
Weight loss 3 kilo, Waist width 1 cm, Lost 2% body fat in 10 days.
-John Beta, 18 – 28 December 2018,US.

I had a really great first week at Bootcamp. Jez pushed me outside of my comfort zone just at the right level to help me more excellent progress. Meanwhile Methee’s kindness, patience and fun, Muay thai session really added some unique fun to the experience, highly recommended.
-Peter Wilcock, 16 December 2018 – 2 January 2019, UK

Feeling great after eight days of Bootcamp and the results show. I am feeling better, less stressed and more energetic. Plan on keeping to this path in 2019.
Weight loss 6.2 kilo, Waist width 4 cm in 1 week.
-Jude Habib, 9 – 18 December 2018, UK.

Really good. Both Jez and Methee are always trying to help and always next to you pushing you when you are really tried, They are always trying to help improve things and ease your life, but also pushing you when it is needed.

Amazing and professional trainers, very motivating as they push you and do everything with us. Anton and Jez are the reason why fresh start is successful. Methee and Jo really good helpers and trainers as well, really looking after us at all times, always helping and having our backs. Weena is excellent as well, very helpful at all times and doesn’t take more than 10 min (literally) to solve your problems
Weight loss 10 kilo, Waist width 13 cm, Lost 2% body fat in 4 week.
-Robert Jose Madre, 23 November – 21 December 2018, Spain.

The week has given me more than I expected. I’m feeling more fit and healthy, but trusting my body to do more than I thought possible. Jez was a great inspiration. Jez and Jo, such a great team. Perfect enthusiastic and skilled people. Looking forward to week 2 of the Bootcamp.
Had an awesome week. Achieved more Than I thought possible. A true fresh Start to get me moving. Jez has been such an inspiration and a true “mate” Methee is a very nice fun and a very pleasant assistant.
Weight loss 3 kilo, Waist width 4 cm in 2 week.
-Armin van der Meulen, 18 November – 1 December 2018, Nederland.

It has been an amazing 2 weeks here. The place is so gorgeous you wouldn’t be thinking about the exercise. The programme is very well thought out and the trainers are awesome. I have tried so many things that I wouldn’t have thought of before. I have learnt a lot more about myself, my limits, my strengths and my weaknesses. I would have loved to have stayed longer if time permitted. Many thanks to the trainers, Tawun, Anton, Methee and Pong for pushing me to achieve more. And forever grateful to the sweet Weena for always being there for the big and little things. I would Highly recommend this to anyone who wants to kick starts their exercise regime and have loads of fun doing it.
Weight loss 2 kilo, Waist width 3 cm, Lost 5% body fat in 12 days.
-Sharon Tan, 4 – 16 November 2018, Singapore.

This was my first time attending any kind of Bootcamp , I came in with the goal of kick starting my fitness and losing weight, after getting into a rut for the past couple of years. Anton and Pong gave us a challenging and enjoyable week and I felt stronger every day. I lost over 7 kg in weight and felt much fitter at the end of the week. I had a great time met some fantastic people and hope to return soon.
Weight loss 7.3 kilo and Lost 2.6% body fat in 1 week.
-Chris Roots 9-16 November 2018- USA

Both trainers were incredibly professional, fantastic and genuinely made the week for me. They know when to push, when to support, when to be direly and when to have fun. Both are a credit to the Bootcamp. Thank you Tawun and Methee.
This is my second week at Bootcamp. Lead trainer,Anton was very proficient and has an expert understanding of exercise and the body. Assistant trainer, Pong was friendly and supportive. Enjoyed the activities and program over my 2 weeks, Weena was excellent before and during the boot camp, Nothing was ever too much to ask, Absolute perfection from her. Great restaurant, staff and spa staff were extremely accommodating.
Lost 5 cm from waist in 2 week.
-James Morgan, 2 – 16 November 2018, UK.

Thanks Tawun and Methee. I had a great week, great trainers. Extra thanks to Methee for staying with me and getting me though the lows. Hope to come again.
Weight loss 2.2 kilo, Waist width 3.6 cm, Lost 2.9% body fat in 1 week.
-Gina Athey, 2 – 9 November 2018, UK.

I had a fantastic week. Trainer duo were excellent, motivated, fun and all they needed to be. Loved the variety of
activities. Everything was perfectly organized. To do this a team is extra fun. I am amazed at how would can be achieved in just one week! Thanks everyone.
Weight loss 2.7 kilo, Waist width 4 cm, Lost 4.3% body fat in 1 week.
-Christian Fenner, 2 – 9 November 2018, Switzerland.

The first week was challenging for me, as I am not used to a lot of exercise, however Jez and Jo were so inspiring and kept us motivated that I went beyond my boundaries. They are both very dedicated, Jez has a lot of knowledge and it was always a pleasure to talk to him and learn about healthy, nutrition, activities and life in general. Weena is organizing the logistics in an amazing and smooth way. They offered a lot of different activities and I enjoyed every single minute. I will definitely be back for another two weeks.
-Sebastian Suicu, 28 October – 11 November 2018, Germany.

The boot camp is very well organized and it’s a great mix of different types of exercises. Jez did a really great job and pushed us to give our best. We had lots of fun and enjoyed the whole week.
-Markus Kaltenmaier, 26 October – 9 November 2018, Germany.

I had a fabulous week boot camping with our trainers Jez and Jo. Love every training session, personal fav so far would be the biking, walking up the monks trail hill and cross training classes. Jez is so knowledgeable, professional and a great motivator. His perfect sense of humour making even the most painful workout sessions fun and interesting. I would definitely come back again and recommend to anyone and everyone who wants a week of fun, health and learning new skills to improve your wellbeing. I want to thank everyone here at Fresh start for making my week so memorable. Loved it!
-Connie Lo Kwai Choo, 27 October – 10 November 2018, Malaysia.

Fresh Start exceeded my expectations in every way, Jez and Jo were amazing and did an incredible job of keeping us motivated and positive. We started the week as a group of strangers from around the world, and by the end were good friends that supported and encouraged each other. Really great experience that I would definitely do again.
-Pam Harrison, 26 October – 2 November 2018, U.S.A

Between Jez and Jo the Bootcamp was nothing short of amazing. Jez is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the body and fitness. The two of them work together seamlessly to create an ideal environment to improve not only your physical fitness but also your mental clarity. The experience was nothing short of amazing. This is my second time here and i would highly recommend Fresh Start, 5 stars. And Weena (The manager) is great at sorting all the fine details.
-Shelba Murphy, 26 October – 2 November 2018, U.S.A.

Best thing i ever did was to invest in ME, by signing up to Fresh Start fitness boot camp. Leaders, assistants and Weena were all amazing, helpful, encouraging and inspired me to push to my limits. They were able to cater to my individual fitness levels which improved each week. One month has flown by and am so happy to be able to feel my fitness return. I’m now off for a year of travelling around the world (Fresh Start was my first stop) and now I feel I could quite literally take on the world. Thanks so much to the whole team.
Weight loss 7.6 kilo, Waist width 11 cm, Lost 3.6% body fat in 4 week.
-Yvette Cruz, 21 September – 19 October 2018, United Kingdom.

The Fresh Start programme was amazing. It has been a fantastic 8 days, full of activities which really challenged my fitness. Before arriving, I had not been exercising regularly, but Fresh Start has given me a kick start and the motivation to get back into it. Trainers, resort staff, everything has been top notch. Highly highly recommend.
Weight loss 1 kilo, Waist width 2.3 cm, Lost 5% body fat in 1 week.
-Mimi Chan, 5 – 13 October 2018, Australia.

I came to Bootcamp in a bad headspace, but leave feeling revitalised and reset ready to take on the world . The camp isn’t just for weight loss! I highly recommend this type of Bootcamp too Anyone suffering with high stress levels, anxiety or depression. Big thanks to all the trainers and new friends I have met along the way.
Weight loss 3.9 kilo, Waist width 2 cm, Lost 1.2% body fat in 2 week.
-Wade Martin, 1 – 15 October 2018, Australia.

I had a fantastic week! With a great bunch of people and trainers. The variety of classes and activities were excellent; my highlight would be the day out cycling. However, I enjoyed all of the others too. Especially the cardio tennis and the power walk through the countryside. Jez and Methee were fab.
Weight loss 2.3 kilo, Waist width 3.3 cm, Lost 3% body fat in 1 week.
-Helen McCue, 28 September – 5 October 2018, United Kingdom.

My first 10 days have been great. The programme is varied and interesting. I have tried new sports and activities such as Yoga, Pilates and hiked on tracks into the rain forest which I would never have done before. It has given me the confidence to try these things back in the UK. The instructors (Anton) and assistants (Pong and Methee) were very good. Very motivational and ensured I got the best out of the programme.
It’s been an enjoyable 27 days. The high points for the programme were the variety and the great team helping you. The course gives everyone a chance to do something new/ fun something they like to do.
Weight loss 8 kilo, Waist width 9.5 cm, Lost 2.2% body fat in 4 weeks.
-Iain Gibson, 5 September – 2 October 2018, United Kingdom.

If you ever think of doing Fresh Start Bootcamp, just Do it! I can’t recommend Fresh Start enough. I had the most amazing week with the most amazing and encouraging and highly trained instructors. It was better than I could have imagined and really took me out of my comfort zone. Thanks to everyone at Fresh Start for an amazing experience.
Width 2 cm, Lost 5.4% body fat in 1 week.
-Adele Curran, 14 – 21 September 2018, Ireland.

Thanks to all the Fresh Start Bootcamp team. All of you did a brilliant job. We will be more than happy to recommended your Fresh Start Bootcamp to our friends and persons interested in fitness, health and food programme.
Weight loss 2.4 kilo, Waist width 9 cm in 9 days.
-Fabrizio Scattina, 5 – 14 September 2018, Switzerland.

I get more fitter . I did exercise and make my heart beep. Thank you for all trainers and team. The favorite class was Yoga with Khun Nok, she is very fun. Thank you again for taking care of me.
-Sukanya Unsuk, 5 – 14 September 2018, Thailand.

I did Fresh Start  Bootcamp for the third time, this time with my daughter, very nice experience; the team are very friendly and took care of us. A special thanks to Jez. I would come back without hesitation. I tried this time, the shared villa rooms option and really  prefer them to the hotel, the rooms of the villa are spacious and very well equipped.
Weight loss 1 kilo, Waist width 5 cm, Lost 5% body fat in 1 week.
-Zohar Dan, 17 – 24 August 2018, France.

It’s my second time at “Fresh Start” with the leader Jez. I had even more fun than last time! Jez is a great leader who knows how to push you to do your best. The activities are fun and you get to know a lot of different sports.
Weight loss 1.4 kilo, Lost 4% body fat in 1 week.
-Marylou Dan, 17 – 24 August 2018, France.

Thank you to the entire Fresh Start team for an amazing Bootcamp experience. The activities and excursions provided a nice balance between fitness and fun and motivates you to do more.
Weight loss 5.4 kilo, Waist width 7 cm, Lost 6.7% body fat in 4 weeks.
-Maia McFadden, 27 July – 24 August 2018, United State.

I have enjoyed the Bootcamp so much. People working here are amazing. Teachers are so good and fun and encouraged each one of us to keep going. Everything is so good and the people working at the Pavana are so nice. I loved the different fitness levels of the people that come here, so we can push ourselves in each level.  Jez knows how to push each one in each fitness level.
Weight loss 4 kilo, Waist width 4 cm in 1 week.
-Yvonne Nino Vazquez, 17 – 24 August 2018, Spain.

I really enjoyed the Bootcamp. Both trainers, whilst very different, were excellent. Great motivation by them and also Methee who is unfailingly cheerful and a truly nice guy. Food was way better than expected, too.
Weight loss 4 kilo, Waist width 5.6 cm, Lost 2.3% body fat in 1 week.
-Maria Stanley, 10 – 17 August 2018, United Kingdom.

The Bootcamp works! 10.7 kg down in 4 weeks and lots of centimetres. Jez is awesome, he knows so much and can scale up and down as needed. He pushes without being mean and is very encouraging. Anton’s knowledge of technical and scientific stuff is awesome and his ability to vary the walks and rides was great, especially for those here multiple weeks. Methee is amazing, always smiling, always joking and always seems to go at your pace and never seems like he’s slowing down for you. All the specialist teachers are fantastic and really break up the week, it would be good to have some more. Weena is the best, always answering question and telling us how well we are doing. I love Weena.
Weight loss 10.7 kilo, Waist width 9 cm in 4 weeks.
-Lisa Proctor, 20 July – 17 August 2018, United Kingdom.

Had a great time with Jez, Had a wonderful 14 k walk and the retro runs were awesome. Jez was very encouraging. Thanks very much
Weight loss 3.6 kilo, Waist width 1 cm, Lost 2.4% body fat in 10 days.
-Disha Dewan, 1 – 13 August 2018, India.

I have had a great time here at Fresh Start. In three weeks I feel so much fitter and so very relaxed from my time here. Our coach this week “Anton” focused on technique and core strength and I have noticed a big difference. All the instructors, assistants and teacher have been fantastic – Anton, Jez, Prom, Neil, Nok, Susie and especially Methee. Weena is a star and sorts everything with a smile. Fresh Start Bootcamp was the best thing I could have done with my holiday. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a break from stress and a kick start to their fitness.
Weight loss 6 kilo, Waist width 10.5 cm in 3 weeks.
-Suzie Allen, 13 July – 3 August 2018, United Kingdom.

This has been a good, hard – working week. Jez and the staff here are an excellent and experienced team, who have trained the whole group, every person individually well. I highly recommended the week.
-Simon Ower, 20 -26 July 2018, Australia.

When I first arrived, I was so intimidated by the packed schedule as I didn’t deem myself fit at all. However, Jez reassured me while maintaining the rigor of the programme really able to work everybody to their healthy limits with an amazingly encouraging attitude. I couldn’t have done the week without the cheerful and humorous support from Methee, often walking at the end of a hike with me. His can – do attitude is greatly admirable and added so much to this finely tuned programme. The balance of cardio, weight training, relaxation and aligment programming in a way that supports rather than destroy and burn out the body.
-Eugene Ma, 20 – 31 July 2018, Hong Kong.

Excellent Bootcamp. All staff and trainers were very helpful and supportive. They worked us hard and helped us through the parts where are I felt like easing off, just what i needed. I would recommend this Bootcamp for people wanting to kick start their fitness and weight loss journey. The food was good, healthy and nutrition’s. It’s good to stick to the diet for maximum benefits
-Amir Ramzan, 20 – 27 July 2018, UAE.

Week 2 has been fantastic, I have had more energy and less aches. Jez and Methee have been great really looking after us and making every activity fun and engaging and always challenging. The programme is really varied and everyday has different activities that increase fitness, the outside instructors, Nok, Neil, Susie are fantastic too. Weena is awesome too, always helpful and getting everything done.
-Suzie Allen, 13 July – 3 August 2018 United Kingdom.

This is my first week and it has been tough, but I have seen great weight loss results 4.3 kg. Jez and Methee are awesome and push you well but also encourage. I’m looking forward to the next three weeks!
-Lisa Proctor, 20 July – 17 August 2018, United Kingdom.

Again an excellent Bootcamp. Jez is a very good instructor, challenging everyone. Methee is great.
Weight loss 6.4 kilo, Waist width 8 cm. Lost 6% body fat
-Mette Poulsen, 6 – 27 July 2018, Denmark.

The 5 days exceeded my expectations. This was my first Bootcamp, definitely not the last, I was not sure what it would consist of. Every day was varied, with different activities to keep you motivated. Group leader Jez was able to perfectly push each person to their own limit, bearing in mind the varied level of the group, excellently. All in all it was a great experience, set in a beautiful part of the world run here by passionate, friendly and enthusiastic staff who worked really well as a team. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone considering it.
-Mark Woodward, 15 – 19 July 2018, Qatar.

A great week where we were all pushed to the max. The instructors were incredibly supportive and understanding and they made the week a huge success.
Weight loss 3.3 kilo, Waist width 2.3 cm. Lost 3.1% body fat
-Alex Jones, 22 – 29 June 2018, United Kingdom.

I had a brilliant time at the fresh Start Bootcamp, it has been challenging and sometimes exhausting, but always fun. The staff are terrific, the grounds are beautiful and I’m leaving feeling so much better and more positive about the future. Thank you.
Weight loss 9 kilo, Waist width 9 cm. Lost 7.4% body fat
-Anoushka Hughes-Lewis, 8 – 29 June 2018, United Kingdom.

I attended Fresh Start Bootcamp for 2 weeks, even though I struggled a bit, I found the instructors to be extremely attentive, helpful and above all, encouraging. I am leaving here feeling much healthier and so proud of myself for what I have achieved. Thank you.
Weight loss 2.6 kilo, Waist width 4.3 cm. Lost 2.4% body fat
-Kristine Harrower, 15- 29 June 2018, Australia.

This is my third time to Fresh Start Bootcamp and my second time with Anton, again, it was an amazing week, great instructors, great team and my results are amazing. Nice assistant (Lek) as well.
Weight loss 1.7 kilo, Waist width 4 cm. Lost 3.3% body fat
-Mohammad Taha, 15 – 22 June 2018, Dubai.

So happy with my health improvement. First two days were so hard, but my coach Anton, was there to push and motivate me. I really enjoyed the variety of activities. The feeling of doing better every day is so cool and gave me the motivation to continue with a healthy life style. Thank you so much.Weight loss 6 kg, Waist width 2 cm.
-Christine Blaser, 15 – 22 June 2018, Switzerland.

It was an amazing start up for the week. Everything was in perfect order, the rooms are very clean and always tidy. I enjoyed the workouts and activities,  it’s definitely not easy but is very enjoyable. Jez and the team did an amazing job to push for everyone, he won’t leave you hanging, and always gives motivational advice to believe in yourself and that you can do it. Over all I can say this is a great start if you are looking to start your fitness goals. Definitely will recommended.
-Remelyn Longares, 1 – 8 June 2018, Philippines.

This is my second time at Bootcamp and definitely not my last. I came for two weeks with my target being to lose a stone. I lost 1.35 stone, fantastic results. This is down to the fantastic instructors first week Tawun and Ekk then Jez and Lek on my second week. The programme is brilliant, I cannot really put into words how great this Bootcamp is. Once again a big Thank you to Tawun, Ekk, Jez and Lek. See you next year.
-Chris Earls, 25 May – 8 June 2018, United Kingdom.

Fresh Start boot camp has provided me with a new lease on life. The activities and exercises are pretty hard, especially if you have not been physically active and are overweight. However they are fun and they vary, so that you never do the same thing twice. The instructors were amazing, really looking out for everyone. The group worked very well together, encouraging each other all the way. I am looking forward to the next week. The food is very good and the massages and saunas are too. Thank you all for a very good first week.
-Kendra Marschall, 1 – 22 June 2018, Germany.

What a great first week! Coming into this I was very unfit. The first few days where extremely hard and I did wonder to myself “what have I got myself into”? Then by the 4th day I could really see the difference. My fitness has improved greatly in such a short time. I would like to say a massive thank you to Jez, Lek and the team who really put me at ease when I  arrived and pushed me to the Max. Without  them I would not have had such a successful first week. I Can’t wait for my second week!
-Shaun Stowers, 1 – 22 June 2018, United Kingdom.

Great week. Lots of variety and fun as well as hard work. Very happy to have have cut 5 mins.57seconds of my fitness test. instructors were very supportive and encouraging to get the most out of you.
Weight loss 2.1 kg, lost 5.6% body fat and 3 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Sheila Power, 13 – 20 April 2018, United Kingdom.

The 7 day programme has provided me with a wide variety of fitness classes and fun challenges for someone who is easily bored! Instructors, Jez and Anton have been patient, supportive and encouraging. A good test of what can be achieved in a week. Definitely recommended for anyone who wants to kick-start their fitness. Food has been sufficient. The group was great.
Weight loss 2 kg and 6 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Anna Kee, 13 – 20 April 2018, Malaysia.

It has been a great week! I didn’t really know what to expect but everything was just fantastic. Work outs were varied, instructors friendly while still pushy in a positive way, food was nice. I hope to be able to come back for another Bootcamp.
Weight loss 2 kg, lost 5% body fat and 2.5 cms off waist width in 8 day.
-Celine Guyomarc’h, 13 – 21 April 2018, France.

It was a lot of fun to participate in a lot of different activities. The instructors were professional and knowledgeable in their field, and fun at the same time. I will be back to participate for a full week next time.
-Karin Jongman, 18 – 21 April 2018, Netherlands.

I really enjoyed the fitness classes and the landscapes were beautiful. The cycling day was amazing even though I was pretty tired, but I think it’s a great combination of being outdoors, exercising and visiting some interesting places in the area. Instructors were very supportive at all times. Thank you very much. It has been tough but I enjoyed it, See you!
Weight loss 2 kg, lost 5.6% body fat and 3 cms off waist width in 5 day.
-Azucena Martinez, 13 – 18 April 2018, Spain.

A brilliant week and excellent results! I’d love to do it again. The trainers did so much to ensure it was fun, absorbing and effective. Most of my time was split with Dave (so thoughtful, attentive, top- notch circuits, toning and all else) and Ekk (fun, encourages the best from you), plus also had a few days with Anton (again, interesting, effective and highly experienced). Weena is so helpful, very cheerful, loves to help you and organizes all you need.
Weight loss 3 kgs, lost 4.2% body fat and 7 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Lesley Rhodes, 4 – 14 April 2018, United Kingdom.

I had a fantastic time on the Bootcamp. Our trainers “Jez and Ekk” were very accommodating and knowledgeable. It was a fun week with loads of laughs. I would recommend anyone at any fitness level to be trained here at Fresh Start.
-Kevin Menzies, 9 – 16 March 2018, United Kingdom.

Fresh Start Bootcamp has been exactly that. A huge kick start to a fitter and stonger journey. Before coming here my training was strength basee but with encouragement from the amazing staff, my training has more variety now which has made me a better person on my health and fitness journey. Jez and Ekk have been amazing, full of motivation and encouragement. They have been very flexible and catered for our needs and wants to wards our goals. These lads are truly inspirational and a huge thank you to Weena who has organised everything for us and made our stay here very pleasant. Thank you again to everyone at Fresh Start Bootcamp.
-Kayla Stephens, 9 – 16 March 2018, United Kingdom.

Just wanted to say thank you to the trainers and co trainers & Weena! for making my stay here lovely. All trainers and co trainers were great and really put our goals at the forefront of the program and made all the days both challenging and enjoyable. Thank you so much.
-Florence Hayden, 22 February – 16 March, Kuwait.

After 3 weeks at Fresh Start, I feel amazing! So much healthier, fitter and generally more positive. Each week has been really different due to different trainers and people in the group. All the activities are really fun ( full of a sense of achievement) im already planning my return.
Weight loss 4.4 kg, lost 5.2% body fat and 6.5 cms off waist width in 3 weeks.
-Ruthana Foulkes, 2 – 23 February 2018, United Kingdom.

Dear bootcamp,
Another super week, as enjoyable as our first trip which was 3 years ago. Please keep it going so we can return and enjoy again. Spirit and body have gotten a great boost. All worth the effort. Big thanks to Dave for a very professional Camp and big thank you to Ekk for motivating us to always push and finish the last 3 steps ! Spirit and body feeling fulfilled.
Weight loss 5.2 kg, lost 1.1% body fat and 6 cms off waist width in 1 weeks.
-Ralph Sprenger, 16 – 23 February 2018, Hong Kong.

The training and programs were really nice and our 2 trainers this week, Dave & Ekk were very attentive & motivating they both did an excellent job. Great boot camp, I will definitely come back.
Weight loss 2 kg, lost 5.3% body fat and 6.5 cms off waist width in 1 weeks.
-Agnes Sprenger, 16 – 23 February 2018, Hong Kong.

I have stayed for a great ten days. It has been a great achievement for me to push myself through the majority of the activities and lose weight and tone myself. Both Dave and Anton have been great and helped me to push myself when I was about to give up. I would definitely come back, however I do believe two weeks is best to see a better results for weight loss.
Weight loss 1 kg and 4 cms off waist width in 10 days.
-Nikki Ahmed, 26 January – 5 February 2018, United Kingdom.

This is my second time with Fresh Start and I have had a great week. The trainers this week have approached it brilliantly which has made it seem like a different programme from last time. Jez and Dave pushed us all really hard, shared their knowledge of why certain exercise works for us and to take away with us. We have all had great results. From hikes to circuits, it’s all been fun.
-Ruthana Foulkes, 2 – 23 February 2018, United Kingdom.

Fresh Start bootcamp is a challenging and fun way to help you reach your fitness goals. The trainers are knowledgeable and supportive and provide enjoyable varied activites to keep you active and achieving goals throughout the day(s). Come prepared to work hard, meet like-minded people and explore the Thai countryside while you lose weight and get fitter.
Weight loss 3.6 kg and 2.5 cms off waist width in 3 weeks.
-Ngaire Rix, 9 – 16 February 2018, United Kingdom.

George and I have really enjoyed our two weeks at Fresh Start Bootcamp. Instructors have worked hard to make the course fun and varied. Jez is extremely knowledgeable and has pushed us to our limits, knowing what we wanted from the course.
Weight loss 2 kg, and 9 cms off waist width in 2 weeks.
-Andrea Nicholas, 2 – 16 February 2018, United Kingdom.

This is my fourth time to Fresh Start Bootcamp. Im so Happy to join it again! Fresh Start just has the magic, making me come back again and again. Jez and Dave are so nice and motivating. They always push me to the limits, I could never imagine achieving. Thanks guys!
Weight loss 3 kg and 4 cms off waist width in 1 weeks.
-Herman Wong, 9 – 16 February 2018, Hong Kong.

This is my third time coming to do Bootcamp with Fresh Start and as previously said, it has not failed to deliver! The trainers, Jez and Dave, catered for everyone and differentiated the activities to suit everyone. I got shin splits on the third day and so to aid my recovery Dave did a Mauy Thai session instead of the planned activity with me. I truly am grateful.
Weight loss 3 kg and 4 cms off waist width in 1 weeks.
-Sarah Tortolano, 9 – 16 February 2018, United Kingdom.

The best part of the boot camp was the diversity of the classes. No two classes were the same and were always adapted according to the groups strengths. We were always outdoors and although being trained and coached to the best of our abilities (or beyond) we were also to catch some sights of the local environment. Thanks so much to Fresh Start’s trainers Jez and Mel for encouraging me to push further, even when I didn’t think I could. I would absolutely return to Fresh Start for a January pick me up next year.
Lost 4.5% body fat and 1 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Jaclyn Wood, 20 – 27 January 2018, Singapore.

For the second time I come back to Bootcamp, but this time with my daughter. We had a great time, we out did ourselves and pushed our limits. I loved the team who were so attentive; I plan to return every six months to maintain my physical health and morale to the top. Many thanks to Fresh Start’s Jez and Mel for their support and encouragement.
Weight loss 3.2 kgs, and 1 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Zohar Dan, 19 – 26 January 2018, France.

I had a great experience at Fresh Start Bootcamp. I loved the trainers, it was hard but the good vibes make it easier.
Weight loss 2.3 kgs, lost 1.9% body fat and 5.5 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Mary Lou Dan 19 – 26 January 2018, France.

My Fresh Start team of Jez and Mel were great. Their positive attitudes were inspiring. All exercises were challenging but do-able. I felt a real sense of achievement this week. Thank you Jez, Mel and the Fresh Start team.
-Nicole Cordy, 13 January – 10 February 2018, Australia.

A fantastic week at Fresh Start Bootcamp with Jez and Mel . Worked hard to achieve a good result. Great variety of activities during the week. I especially loved the walks especially the ‘monks trail’. My second time at Boot camp was definitely worth the journey.
Weight loss 3.3 kgs, lost 1% body fat and 4 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Annette O’ Connor, 19 – 26 January 2018, United Kingdom.

The Fresh Start trainers we had, Jez and Mel were excellent! They were very encouraging and modified the workouts to the abilities and fitness of the Bootcamp trainees. I enjoyed the outdoor activities and the days were never repetitive. Weena in the office was very responsive and helpful, pre-booking before I arrived to the resort.
Weight loss 2 kgs and 3 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Caroline Tan, 19 – 26 January 2018, Singapore.

I loved everything, cardio tennis is So much fun. I had a great first week with Dave and my second week with Jez was amazing. I really enjoyed my time here and my fitness has increased tremendously. Jez and Dave have been an inspiration and have pushed me really hard. Thank you Fresh Start!
Weight loss 2.2 kgs and 12 cms off waist width in 2 weeks.
-Neha Shetty, 29 December 2017 – 12 January 2018, India.

Now that I have finished my week, I wish I were staying for a second. I’m feeling way more fitter in just 7 days. I loved how the Bootcamp used the nature. I loved all the walks and hikes and doing the circuits and Yoga in the Sala with a beautiful view over the country side
Lost 5% body fat and 3 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Rachel Bleustein, 29 December 2017 – 5 January 2018, United Kingdom.

Absolutely wonderful week at Bootcamp. The setting is fantastic and the trainers are brilliant at pushing you to get the best results. I couldn’t have asked for a better week.
Weight loss 1.5 kgs, lost 5% body fat and 2 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Harriette Wilmoth, 29 December 2017 – 5 January 2018, United Kingdom.

I cannot recommend Fresh Start highly enough. Tawun and Ekk have been great trainers, very supportive and really pushed us. One week and I feel much move energised, alert and have lost inches. I will definitely be coming back again.
Weight loss 5 kgs, lost 2.9% body fat and 5 cms off waist width in 2 weeks.
-Tanya, 22 December – 1st January 2018, United Kingdom.

First time I did something like this, quite the experience. Haven’t done any exercise back home and now definitely feel fitter after my week. Tawun and Ekk were very supportive, I loved the different activities but the best was definitely the Muay Thai boxing downtown on Thursdays day out.
Lost 4.6% body fat and 8 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Claudia, 22 – 29 December 2017, United Kingdom.

Tawun and Ekk have been very professional in their approach to training the boot camp members. Encouragement with a smile offered the required support to get me past some tough moments during training. I would definitely recommend Fresh Start Boot camp.
Weight loss 5.2 kgs and 6 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Adrian, 22 – 29 December 2017, United Kingdom.

Tawun, Ekk and the Fresh Start team were awesome. Boot camp had a personalised touch with a great team atmosphere.
Lost 1.4% body fat and 1 cms off waist width in 6 days.
-Heleina 24 – 30 December 2017, United Kingdom.

This is one of a kind unique experience. We came for ten days . Just to get fitter and feel very stronger, we also lost weight as a bonus. Extremely well organized. Great trainers who care for you like Anton, Methee, Tawun and Ekk. Administration and caring hands of Weena makes it so loving and special. She helped with both small things and big, driving us to the ATM and helping my wife every time. Summing up, every way you look, only one word to describe it, fantastic. Thank you Fresh Start Team.
Weight loss 1 kgs, lost 4.4% body fat and 5 cms off waist width in 10 days.
-Chis, 17 – 28 December 2017, U.S.A

Greatest bootcamp ever, great group both weeks, great trainers and a positively great experience. What else can I say! Apart from see you next year.
Weight loss 7 kgs, lost 2.9% body fat and 7 cms off waist width in 2 week.
-Ian Blacker, 23 November – 8 December 2017, United Kingdom.

What a fantastic week. I was very lucky to join a great group. Iurfitness levels progressed really well over the whole week. I couldn’t be more happy about the results. Thanks to Mel, Jez, Methee, Neil, Dave and Nok. There is nothing I disliked. It’s a great variety of activities. I especially liked the way the whole Bootcamp was laid out. Stretching at the end of everyday was a great finish. Can’t wait to be back next year. Thanks for everything.
Weight loss 1 kgs, lost 2.8% body fat and 3 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Kliegel Sascha, 2 – 8 December 2017, Hong Kong.

I can’t Thank you enough for a fantastic programme. First, The organization was exceptional, everything worked perfectly (Thank you to Weena, Richard and Louise) Second, Tawun and Methee were patient but pushed me and encouraged me Exceptional. Once again to Neil was an excellent Yoga teacher. Nok ran an excellent Pilates session and Methee was the best Muay Thai teacher. All in all, a great programme. I’m so glad  I came. Thank you.
Weight loss 4.5 kg and 6 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Anil Mohan, 24 November – 1 December 2017, Singapore.

I came to Fresh Start as I needed help to start my weight loss and fitness journey. I could not have asked for a better week with instructors Anton and Dave, who made a tough week filled with many challenges into so much fun and enjoyment. Their knowledge and expertise is amazing and their ability to push you that extra bit further to get the best out of yourself is amazing. It’s not just about their fitness experience, it’s about them giving you the motivation and self-confidence to push that little bit harder, take you out of your comfort zone and make you believe you can do it. Loved every minute. Thank you. Weight loss 3.6 kgs, lost 4.2% body fat and 6.5 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Alison Lamb, 17 – 24 November 2017, United Kingdom.

This bootcamp is magical. I loved every minute of it, the leaders Anton and Dave were both so passionate and hardworking, this made me want to push myself harder every step of the way. They believed in us and made us feel like we were superstars from the beginning. My unforgettable fitness journey has just begun and I only have fresh start to thank for that with all my heart, I hope you guys continue to make a change and inspire others to start a great fitness journey, as it has done for me. This is an amazing, unique experience and some of my life’s favourite memeries have been made here. Thank you for helping me to achieve my fitness goals and inspire me to continue to reach my potential. Weight loss 2.8 kgs, lost 5% body fat in 1 week.
-Olivia Woo, 17 – 24 November 2017, Singapore.

What a tough but rewarding week. I learned that I wasn’t as good at somethings as I thought I was. But even better, I learned I can do things I never would have attempted previously. I’m super happy with the results. Yes I lost weight but more so, I gained strength and the confidence to lead an even more active life back home.
-Joanna Hutchins, 29 September – 11 October 2017, United States.

This week has been hard and challenging however also enlightening. I have enjoyed every activity and can’t wait for my next 3 weeks. Tawun and Ekk have been amazing trainers and I can’t wait to see Tawun in my last week.

What a second week, same programme but different trainer and what an impact. Anton is an amazing trainer and someone who has heart and soul for what he does here at Fresh start. Anton will take you to places and push you. An inspiring trainer who will bring out the best in anyone. Thank you Anton and Fresh Start team. Bring on week 3.

What can I say , week 3 here at Fresh Start Bootcamp and it just gets better and better. Jez and Methee are full of energy, knowledge and a lot of fun. I can’t rate team high enough, a true passion for what they do. They were always there no matter what situation, no matter how big or small and for this I can’t thank them enough. An big thank you to Fresh Start Bootcamp team. Here comes week 4.
-Tamie , 6 September – 5 October 2017, Australia.

It’s been an amazing week for all of us from a physical and mental perspective. We have been reminded that we can push ourselves and if we do, somehow we break through.

The week has been filled with all sorts of fun activities that have addressed our fitness from so many different dimensions. The programme has been thoughtfully structured to ensure we are having fun and working hard. We have learnt some great things to help us in our day to day lives in term of nutrition and exercise.

All of this has been due to the immence expertise and dedication of our trainer, Anton. We have learnt so much and been inspired. He is extremely alternative, perceptive and willing to help each team member reach their full potential. Overall an extremely high quality Bootcamp.
-James Morgan, 15 – 29 September 2017, United Kingdom.

Tawun and Ekk were both fun and tough. I had a great week learning about pain levels and mental strength. Good fun exercises and the outing to climb the monk’s trail walk to the temple was a high light.
Weight loss 4.4 kgs, lost 1% body fat and 5 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Simon Ellis, 8 – 15 September 2017, Australia.

I had an amazing time in a beautiful location. The food was very nice. The programme was very achievable and the trainers were attentive and fun.The whole experience was fun and enjoyable. This is my second time back and would definitely return again.
Lost 3.7% body fat and 4.5 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Cheryl Ellis, 8 – 15 September 2017, Australia.

I have achieved and surpassed all the goals I would set for myself on day one. Very hard but enjoyable week with great food, and exciting fitness activities. Thank you to the other guests who made the days so much more fun. Thank you to our trainers Tawun and Ekk who’s encouragement helped me push my boundaries further than I thought possible. I will be back!
Weight loss 3.2 kgs, lost 2.8% body fat and 3 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Jayne Taylors, 8 – 15 September 2017, Australia.

I have reached the goals I wanted and I had great time doing it. Staff was great and food was good.
Weight loss 6.4 kgs, and 5 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Gary Taylors, 8 – 15 September 2017, Australia.

This is my second 2 week visit to Fresh Start and look forward to returning again. This was the first time the monk’s trail was offered, a difficult walk but we all enjoyed it. Jez and Mel were great trainers in the first week, second week Tawun and Ekk were very enthusiastic.
-Sheila Galletta, 4 – 18 September, Australia.

It was an extraordinary experience, the setting is beautiful. The team was very professional and took care of us in a very nice atmosphere. One thing is for sure, I will return. Thank you all.
Weight loss 1.7 kgs, lost 6.2% body fat and 5.5 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Zohar Dan, 25 August – 1 September 2017, France.

Such an amazing experience. Great trainers and awesome team. So much more fun than I ever expected, all the varied workouts have made it possible to lose 4 kg in 7 days. Highly recommended. Anton and Jez were tough but awesome.
Weight loss 4 kgs, lost 3.7% body fat and 6.2 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Amaka Edomobi, 25 August – 1 September 2017, United Kingdom.

Loved coming back second time around. Anton was awesome. Always motivating and always pushing hard. Perfect! Lek was great too. Very supportive, loved the new hike at the national park, cycle day, the circuits and of course Muay Thai. Thanks to Anton for the super challenging and enjoyable Muay Thai session. Look forward to being back.
Weight loss 2.2 kgs, lost 2.7% body fat and 8 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Disha Dewan, 18 – 25 August 2017, India.

Stayed 4 weeks and got the weight loss results I wanted, but more importantly my fitness improved every half-week and I met some awesome new people from around the world. I actually can’t believe how quickly my fitness improved and I have new confidence that my body can do so much more.
Weight loss 9.1 kgs, lost 6.7% body fat and 11 cms off waist width in 4 week.
-Lauren Tinsley, 28 July – 25 August 2017, United Kingdom.

Unlike most people, I didn’t really join Fresh Start Bootcamp with particular goals around weight loss and fitness levels. I just thought it would be bags of fun, meet people, see a more ‘real’ side of Chiang Mai than a tourist and have 10 days where all decisions are made for me and I can switch off. It didn’t disappoint. Seen some beautiful places, the food has been superb, our trainers Anton and Jez were fantastic (I have learnt a lot) and 1.5 dress sizes in 10 days isn’t too shabby either, goal or not goal.
Weight loss 3.5 kgs, and 10 cms off waist width in 10 days.
-Sarah Lynch, 26 July – 4 August 2017, United Kingdom.

I had a great week in lovely Chiang Mai. The Bootcamp was full on, very well balanced and very enjoyable. I lost 2.2 kg in one week and met some wonderful people along the way. Thank you so much!
Weight loss 2.2 kgs, lost 5% body fat and 3 cms off waist in 1 week.
-Kari Lynn Slipp, 28 July – 4 August 2017, Singapore.

My two week Boot camp was just right to address my fitness levels and achieve some great weight loss. The Boot camp team were very supportive and adjusted the programme to meet the varying fitness levels of the people doing the boot camp. Well done to Tawun, Ekk, Jez and Lek making “Pain” enjoyable.
Weight loss 3.9 kgs, lost 3.7% body fat and 4 cms off waist width in 2 week.
-Steve Bowden, 2 – 16 July 2017, Australia.

Absolutely brilliant week! Jez and the group pushed us hard throughout the week and i’m really pleased with the results. Thoroughly enjoyed ending the week with the monks trail. would recommended Fresh Start to anyone wanting to have fun and get fit.
Weight loss 1.8 kgs, lost 2.8% body fat and 4.5 cms off waist width in 10 day.
-Darren Bayley, 3 – 13 July 2017, United Kingdom.

Great! I loved the whole thing. All the exercises, even liked the Doi Suthep monk trail… once it was finished. Jez was a great coach, he really knows what he’s doing.
Weight loss 7.3 kgs, lost 1.6% body fat and 11.5 cms off waist width in 2 weeks.
-Mette Poulsen, 30 June – 14 July 2017, Denmark.

Great time. Thank you to all the staff. Loved the tennis and the walks.
Weight loss 2 kgs, and 4.5 cms off waist width in 10 day.
-Kim Ross, 4 – 14 July 2017, Australia.

This has been an amazing experience for my husband and I, healthy diet and lots of exercise made us feel happy and more energetic. Our trainers are fantastic people that helped us all the way through, making me feel welcome and at ease. I cannot recommend this place enough. We will surely come back
-Angelia Bayley, 2 – 16 July 2017, Australia.

The team worked hard to get the best out of the participants. I was impressed by the understanding of strengths and weaknesses of each person participating and adaptability for changing the program to meet the capabilities and capacities of the boot campers. Both Ekk and Tawun were engaging and supportive. It was a pleasure to be “abused” by them.
-Steve Bowden, 2 – 16 July 2017, Australia.

Brilliant first few days, significantly built my confidence. Great trainers, very motivational and really supportive.
-Darren Bayley, 3 -13 July 2017, United Kingdom.

Tawun and Ekk were excellent instructors. Good at explaining the exercises, good as motivators and they were fun. I really like that we go to the Shangri la after Muay Thai on Thursdays
-Mette Poulsen,30 June – 14 July 2017, Denmark.

It was a fabulous 2 weeks, I am leaving here with my body feeling fit, my mind has transformed and is now so positive. 3 1/2 kg lost, 7% bodyfat lost. The trainers are so good, motivating, make you want to try harder. I have been very happy with my stay. Thank you for a fresh start 🙂
-Janette Petersen,23 June – 7 July 2017, Australia.

The trainers and program were great. It had the right balance between pushing myself and having fun. The different activities kept me from getting bored and the trainers tailored the workouts to push me to my limits. Weight lost 3.9 kg and 6 cms off waist width in 2 week.
-Carly Walter, 12 – 24 June 2017, United State.

A great refresher a fitness builder whilst seeing the sights of Chiang Mai. Challenging but achievable! Excellent trainers and camaraderie with the other bootcamper’s. Thank You
-Sarah McDonald, 24 May – 3 June 2017, Australia.

Dear Fresh Start Team,
I will like to congratulate Jez and Methee for the high level of professionalism demonstrated during our entire stay at Fresh Start Holiday Bootcamp. Jez was extremely supportive and motivational. I can really say that he is an asset to the bootcamp team. Jess demonstrated a lot of passion for his job and he transmitted thought to all the bootcamp colleagues during different exercises. I can say that 1 week was not enough, but I can say my partner and I got the best results we could in 1 week. Because of Jez and Methee’s passion for their job we will definitely recommend the bootcamp to all our colleagues and friends. Thank you for everything!!
-Georgina Bordianu, 25 May – 1 June 2017, United Arab Emirate.

We had wonderful time! I never expected that would be so pushed to “my limits”. After a week of Fresh Start bootcamp I feel my body is in a much better condition. I’m full of good memories and I carry a great experience with me. Jez was absolutely a great instructor and man! Hope I’ll have the opportunity to experience something like this again!!
-Ketlid Serjanaj, 25 May – 1 June 2017, United Arab Emirate.

Trainers were really great. Also Ekk always encouraged me to meet my goals. I will be back again.
Weight lost 2.5% body fat and 2 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Sunanta Kangwanwatana, 19 – 26 May 2017, Thailand.

Great week, tougher than expected, Trainers were fantastic.
Weight loss 2.6 kgs and 3.5 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Sue Dunlop, 19 – 26 May 2017, Australia.

Ekk and Tawun are very supportive and made the exercises fun. It was a great experience. Anton is a wonderful trainer and a kind person. He explains the exercises really well and makes sure no one gets left behind.
-Tiegan Howell, 6th May – 4th June 2017, United State.

Jez was a great instructor. He really challenged me and made sure the collection of exercises were targeting each body part/muscle group. It was great to try exercises that I’ve not done before- all of which I’d be able to continue with when I return home.
-Jeanne Penn, 9 – 14 May 2017,New York, Unites state.

The fitness instructors are very good. good variation of exercises and Jez was a good balance with the first week (a bit more strength training vs cardio in week 1) Very enjoyable! And very happy with the results as I reached the target of my goal.
The programme is really fun and effective. I’m here for two weeks and have managed to lose a very satisfactory amount of weight and body fat. The activities are challenging but there is a great sense of achievement when they are done. Tawun and Ekk are great- excellent balance between motivational and pushing humor. They have good energy and make even the hardest exercises “fun” Overall a great first week!
-Leena Beejadhur, 5 – 20 May 2017, Hong Kong.

Discovering new things like Muay Thai was so much fun. A change from what we are used to at home. Everyone is friendly and encouraging, after all we bootcampers are all in the same boat.
-Cloe Thys, 3 – 11 April 2017, Hong Kong.

Big thanks to Tawun and Ekk. They took really good care of us from day 1, It was challenging in the beginning but our bodies adapted quickly to the intense workouts. It was lovely to do a holiday trip where we can make a positive difference to our health. We ended up waking up earlier much more rejuvenated then living in the city. The trainers were patient and attentive to our needs. That helped since it is the hottest time of the year. We know we made some good friends too.
-Linda Cui and Michael Serres, 8 – 15 April 2017, Hong Kong.

Our trainers Anton and Ekk were extremely dedicated and friendly, we appreciated how well they spoke English. That is very important. Also Anton knew a lot about the science of nutrition and exercise. I have been to 8 bootcamps and this was the best. Best trainers, best program, It was tough!! but worth it. We also enjoyed the massage and sauna.
Weight loss 2.6 kgs and 6 cms off waist width in 10 days.
-Marcy Rol, 17 – 27 March 2017, USA

This camp was all we expected and more. We have met people/students and trainers) that we hope to keep in touch with for years to come. My mom has been to 8 bootcamps and she says this is the best. This past 3 days after last week we were afraid no one would challenge us like Anton but Jez also challenged us! He introduced an element of stretching and relaxation. Jez and Methee were very funny and engaging which made exercise more enjoyable. We appreciated their support and enthusiasm
Weight loss 2.2 kgs and 9 cms off waist width in 10 days.
-Audrey Washburn and Marcy Rol, 17 – 27 March 2017, USA.

Just completed one week of intensive bootcamp training, it has been better than expected. The range of exercises have been amazing, the intensity has been crazy but good. The staff and trainers have been brilliant. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you Jez, Anton, Ekk, Tawun and Weena
Weight loss 7.5 kgs and lost 9% body fat and 7 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Adil Ahmed, 21 – 28 March 2017, United Kingdom.

The boot camp exceeded my expectations. I appreciated the variety and intensity of the exercises. I accomplished more than I thought was possible since I had the trainers, Anton and Ekk, along with our team motivating me to push further and keep going. I achieved my goals in terms of healthy eating and feeling 1000 x better for it. My attitude, confidence and mood are the best they have been in over a year! Thanks for giving me a fresh start. I look forward to returning again and I highly recommend others to come as well. Working as part of group a was  also very therapeutic!! Anton and Ekk, were very respectful and considerate of everyone’s needs. They were supportive and motivating. Anton is really good at finding innovative ways to exercise. I even enjoyed our cycling day ( and I am uncomfortable on a bike).
🙂 Body fat % went down and fitness levels increased. I feel empowered
Weight loss 1 kgs, lost 3.3% body fat and 2 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Tracy Kowatch Koren, 17 – 24 March 2017, Canada.

I have been pushed hard and to my limits in the nicest possible way by both Tawun and Methee this week. Many a class I have arrived at believing I was too tired and without energy yet these guys encouraged and got the best out of me with their friendly and professional approach. A truly amazing week which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Tawun and Methee are a real credit to Fresh Start Fitness Bootcamp. Thank you so much guys. So glad I am here for another week! Next week’s instructors have a lot to live up to. Thank you.
Another brilliant week of activities – great idea having a change of instructors and slight changes to the bike ride and walks, kept it fresh! Again my favourite activity was the cardio tennis, so much fun and the instructor Ladie is amazing. Having more folk this week made the team games much more competitive but in a good way. Thoroughly recommend Fresh Start Thailand fitness boot camp. David and I are already talking about when we can come back 🙂
Weight loss 4.3 kgs and 6.2 cms off waist width in 2 week.
-Samantha Lawson, 10 – 24 March 2017, United State.

Yet another great week at Fresh Start boot camp. Visit 4 and the boot camp still remains as fun, entertaining and effective as ever. I loved the changes to the bike ride and hill challenge. Also the visit to the “poo poo paper factory” in place of the elephant or tiger parks. The instructors, Anton and Ekk were fun and motivating. Excellent choice of exercises and exercise locations, Thanks Guys!!The Pavana is a lovely hill resort- food was great and staff as lovely as ever.
Visit 5….. well you never know! xxx
Weight loss 2 kgs, and 3 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Hilary Oliver, 17 – 24 March 2017, Canada.

After spending the 1st of our 2 week bootcamp under the expert guidance of Tawun and Methee I have no hesitation in recommending “Fresh Start”. Both trainers create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere whilst pushing you to succeed. Whilst it was a small group we still managed to enjoy the team events. The 1st week has been superb and I am looking forward to further challenge myself in week 2. I had reservations about doing 2 weeks but I am so pleased my wife dictated the duration…..Thank you, a great team who are a credit to the company.
My 2nd week at Fresh Start this time with Anton and Ekk. Both trainers bring something different and it helped me to push myself further. This has been a fantastic experience for me, your team, including Nok, Anne and Weena are an absolute credit to Fresh Start. Superb concept, professionally run. Thank you so much!
Weight loss 8 kgs, lost 1.8% body fat and 7.5 cms off waist width in 2 weeks.
-David Lawson, 10 – 24 March 2017, United State.

Bootcamp has been as amazing experience. I came here on my own and was fully occupied from the get go. Tawun and Methee were our fantastic instructors. We were worked to our limits but with a lot of laughter too. Everything ran so smoothly and their organisational skills were 150%. I would recommend this to everyone wanting a challenge. A truly great experience. I feel like a new woman but guaranteed I will sleep the whole flight home!
Weight loss 1.7 kgs, lost 3% body fat and 3.3 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Suzie Levett, 10 – 16 March 2017, Hong Kong.

This has been another excellent week of training. I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to have a refresher course in fitness and diet in order to start back on the path of healthy living. The trainers that I had, Tawun and Methee, were professional, friendly and fun and they made you work! they are an asset to the program.
Weight loss 6 kgs, and 5.7 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Simon Ower, 10 – 16 March 2017, Australia.

Really hard but super rewarding! The Fresh Start trainers are superb and know when to push and when to support. The activities are varied and I loved getting out and about seeing Chiang Mai. The Resort is beautiful and the spa therapists exceptional. A massage was definitely needed after a 40 km bike ride. If you are thinking about coming, do it and come ready to sweat!
Weight loss 2.6 kg’s, and 4 cm’s off waist width in 1 week.
-Kerry Russell, 24th February – 3rd March 2017, United Kingdom.

I would recommend this experience to anyone. It was challenging and a great opportunity to reinforce my fitness. Jez is a balanced trainer- he knows how to lead, motivate and challenge everyone in the group which includes varied personalities, fitness levels and goals. Ekk is also great at supporting the team and pushing everyone behind. Good balance of all types of exercises. I enjoyed the whole program and I am definitely fitter. Thank you
Weight loss 3.5 kg’s in 1 week.
-Kami Tang Pack, 24 February – 3 March 2017, Trinidad and Tobago.

Its the second time Ive come to Fresh Start Bootcamp. I decided to comeback because I find it is the perfect formula for taking a break from a stressful job while doing something good for yourself. The busy routine keeps the body busy enough that your mind does not get the chance to wander back to the office. At the same time, the luxury environment of the resort and the attentive team make you feel pampered. A word of praise to all the trainers who go out their way to help you out, motivate you and also tailor the program to the needs of all participants.
Weight loss 2.8 kg’s, and 13 cm’s off waist width in 10 day.
-Wanda Toso, 17 – 27 February 2017, Italy.

Such an amazing experience. Ive been here for 3 weeks and haven’t felt this good in years. I’m impressed with the amount of different activities that are in 1 day. If you are looking for an active holiday, lose weight or just get fit, I highly recommend it!! The trainers are all fantastic and you get to see the beautiful scenery of Chiang Mai. Definitely beat my expectations!!
Weight loss 4.4 kgs, lost 2.1% body fat and 13 cms off waist width in 4 week.
-Bekki, 5 February – 1 March, Malta.

I really enjoyed the 1 week program, especially huge thank you to our leader Jez and for all the encouragement to run, I absolutely loved it!! The monks trail and waterfall hill walking were my favorite activities! The food was good overall but adding extra eggs and protein definitely helped me as weight-loss was not my goal. Overall I achieved great results in just one week. I feel like I am much fitter and much more capable than when I started. Thank you Jez and Ekk, I loved my time here!
Weight loss 1.9 kgs, lost 1.4% body fat and 5 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Anastasiya Berasneva, 24 February – 3 March 2017, Russia.​

Anton is a fantastic trainer/motivator/leader. Anton is able to profile each participants, assess everyone’s fitness/energy level and adjusts the tempo of the workout accordingly. Ekk serve the team with grace and a smile, always.
Weight loss 4.7 kgs, and 4.5 cms off waist width in 10day.
-Simon Ng, 10-21 February 2017, Singapore.

2nd time at Fresh Start Bootcamp. I will definitely be back again. I feel so much better now and I’m very happy with the weight loss. Anton and Ekk were great trainers and inspired me to give my best. Thank you
Weight loss 4.9 kgs, and lost 2% body fat and 16 cms off waist width in 6 day.
-Christopher Cole, 11-17 February 2017, Germany.

What a fantastic week!! I came looking for an active holiday discovering new places…. and I go back having done that and discovering a level of fitness I didn’t know I had. So many exercises, so different, so much fun. Facilities are great and the instructors Anton and Ekk are brilliant. Very creative in the workouts, pushing you but also helping and encouraging you to find your limits. I loved the cloud 9 sala! I hope Ill be back soon!! I wasn’t looking to lose weight but I was inspired by so many people around me trying their hardest. I wish they continue in this journey to improve their quality of life!!
Weight loss 2 kgs and 2 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Alfonso Medina, 10-17 February 2017, Australia.

Fantastic week of working hard and playing hard too. Everything was made into fun. Anton and Ekk were great coaches and supporters. Loved all the team games and team ethic and the competition generated between the group. Anton is so creative with his training. Food was great, I was only hungry once! Amazing results from just one week, certainly a fresh start and a lifestyle to maintain.Thanks guys!
Weight loss 1.8 kgs, and 8 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Jemma Wright, 10-17 February 2017, United Kingdom.

This bootcamp was an eye opener for me and my fitness levels. I loved all the encouragement I received from the trainers and other bootcampers. The food was fabulous and the massages were very good. The rooms were nice, clean and the overall staff at the Pavana was always sweet and friendly. The Yoga and Pilates instructors were also nice. Thanks a lot to Pump for the entire week of pushing me especially on the Monks Trail.
Weight loss 2.5 kgs, and lost 1.2% body fat and 5.6 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Mamtu Mirchandani, 3 – 10 February 2017, India.

Challenging and varied week of activities. Jez our instructor was excellent, he took great care to ensure we were well warmed up and stretched. I really enjoyed the Monk’s trail walk to the temple, it was great to work out in such lovely surroundings. The food was tasty and satisfying. I felt much fitter by the end of the week. Excellent full on programme, it is very well run and I would recommend it to anyone working for Fresh Start to fitness or just a different challenge to your routine.
Waist loss 4 cms in 1 week.
-Adrienne Marshall, 27 January – 3 February 2017, Scotland.

I spent 2 weeks at Fresh Start with Jez, Pong and Ekk. The trainers were excellent and I was really impressed with the variety of exercises we did. As expected, I lost weight during the bootcamp, but I didn’t expect such an increase in fitness, flexibility and energy. Highlights for me were the cardio tennis, Muay Thai and walking up the monk’s trail to Doi Suthep.
The food was excellent and I never felt hungry or malnourished during the weeks
Weight loss 4.5 kgs, and 9 cms off waist width in 2 week.
-Jon Butler, 20 January – 3 February 2017, United Kingdom.

Thanks to everyone for a fabulous time at Fresh Start boot camp. I was very apprehensive about being able to keep up and join in all the activities but I was included in everything and encouraged. The range of activities are good and varied plus there is something for everyone. The trainers were absolutely brilliant, they kept encouraging and pushing me when I wanted to give up. I have found it a very motivational time and want to continue on my journey to achieve my goals at home.
Thanks for helping me towards a healthier life! Weight loss 4 kgs, and 10 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Annette O’Connor, 13 – 25 January 2017, United State.

It’s my second time to the boot camp. It’s an amazing experience and I recommend everyone to try it. We had a great leader (Anton) who led the group in an excellent way along with his assistant (Ekk) whom I believe can be a great leader too.
It was a great experience and I got very good results. The team leader (Jess) was very good and he focused on each and everyone of us. Phong was also a great assistant. He is really funny and friendly and I loved the Muay Thai class with him. Thanks for the great results. Weight loss 1.5 kgs, lost 2.9% body fat in 1 week.
-Mohammed Taha, 17 – 24 January 2017, Dubai.

What an amazing experience! A great way to get back in fitness with a fun program full of variation. Great staff, awesome location and like minded guests to help you enjoy the journey.
-Michael Delbridge, 13 – 20 January 2017, Australia.

I joined the bootcamp with clear objectives of kick-starting a healthy lifestyle and shedding off those extra pounds. I achieved my goal over three weeks of hard work. I recommend two to three weeks to be the ideal time frame if you would like to see good results. It is fun and a mini United Nations where you meet people from all around the world. Our trainers were superb and caring. I had a bad knee and I appreciated how the trainers took the initiative of adjusting my program considering my injury. Flexibility is important and attention to the bootcamper’s well being is what makes the experience worthwhile. Thank You!
Weight loss 3.4 kilos and 8 Cm’s off waist width in 3 week.
-Dr. Casta Tungaraza 23 December 2016 – 13 January 2017, Australia.

It was a fantastic week with different activities all the time and I never got bored. Great Instructors! If you want to lose weight and have fun at the same time- this is your place
Weight loss 3 kgs, lost 3.2% body fat and 6 Cm’s off waist width only 1 week.
-Kim Lorenzen, 6 – 13 January 2017, Denmark

This has been an amazing week. It was so much fun! I achieved a lot more than I had expected. The sessions are so varied, challenging and worked the entire body. It’s a great balance of physical, mental, dieting and relaxation. I highly recommend this bootcamp. The trainers are excellent, friendly and knowledgeable, truly a great bunch of people.
-Vinai Patel, 23 December 2016 – 2 January 2017, United Kingdom.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I booked as I had never been on a fitness bootcamp before. From the moment I first contacted Fresh Start I was impressed not only by the professionalism but also the fun and care they show their guests. Although the week was tough, the variety of different activities, the expertise and humor of the trainers always kept us going and having fun. I did not come to lose weight but to become fitter. Instead I got this and so much more! I highly recommend you book and thank you to Richard, Louise, Jez, Pong, Eck and all the staff for their hard work.”
Weight loss 2.5 kgs and 4 cms loss in waist width.
-Steven D’Souza, 23 -30 December 2016, United Kingdom.

I came hoping to mainly lose fat from my stomach area which is my biggest problem area. The two week programme definitely pushed me, it involved constant movement and long, tiring days. Was it worth it. Absolutely! I lost 10 cm off my waist in 14 days and 3 kg overall. The stubborn back fat has melted off and I’m more confident than ever. This programme is tough, but if you stick to it, you seriously won’t regret it. Best decision I’ve made for myself this year.
-Yara Moosa, 2 – 16 December 2016, Dubai.

I was very scared of doing the bootcamp. But these 6.5 days were fun. I never thought I would complete it. I kept fighting with myself each day; a part of me said I can’t do it while another part of me said you can. The best part of this camp was the encouragement of the other team members and the support of Prom and Ekk (our trainers). In the end, I lost 4.5 kg. Thank you Fresh Start.
-Prasanth Bose, 25 November – 2 December 2016, United Kingdom.

The programme was great, nicely varied and interesting. Our leaders Anton and Pump were great, always motivating and pushing you to do your best whilst being mindful of our limits. I loved the hiking and walking and the Muay Thai classes. My biggest surprise was the food which was so tasty. Really happy with the experience.
-Zarrin Allam, 18 – 28 November 2016, United Kingdom.

What a Great experience, wide range of activities carefully designed to be effective but have fun at the same time. Food was good and I was never hungry. We went to some great places to exercise and experience Thai culture, combined with the trainers experience and enthusiasm meant nothing was ever a chore. Would highly recommend this to anyone of any fitness level, you are it safe professional hands. The best birthday present I could have given myself.
Weight loss 1.3 kilo, Waist width 1 cm. Lost 5.4% body fat.
-Elizabeth Edmunds, 11 – 18 November 2016, United Kingdom.

Amazing week! The varied workouts kept it fun and interesting and the results proved the effectiveness. This is my third time through and I will almost certainly be back for a fourth. I highly recommended it for anyone wanting a challenge or a mental or physical reset. Bravo to Richard and Louise and Tawun. Thank you again for a spectacular week of healthy reset, incredible daily health blogs and the amazing soul plan! I feel so rejuvenated and refreshed and am just so grateful for this wonderful opportunity!
Weight loss 3 kilo, Waist width 7 cm.
-Beth Sellars, 11 – 18 November 2016, United State.

Excellent programme, loved every bit and highly recommended. Anton and Tawun were fantastic, great guys. I would definitely do this again. Five Star!
-Vipin Peter, 28 October – 4 November 2016, United Kingdom.

The camp was challenging (even though we only did 3 day), lots of sweating and very healthy lifestyle. We were very lucky to get Anton and Tawun, they were both fantastic. Anton made sure he pushed us beyond our usual limits but not to a point where I feel uncomfortable.
-Malanie Cheung, 29 October – 2 November 2016, Hong Kong.

It was one of the most challenging and active holidays I have ever had. The results are truly convincing. The instructors have been great.
-Alexander Wendland, 21 – 28 October 2016, Germany.

Tough at times but fun always. Different kind of holiday with plenty of activity but some relaxing time as well. No pressure from the trainers but always gentle encouragement. The Muay Thai gym and the trainers were great.
-Jay Wells, 18 – 28 October 2016, Australia.

I went through the bootcamp from 21 – 28 October 2016 with Prom and Ekk. It was tough but enjoyable. The training session were suitable for those just starting out a fitness programme to the reasonably fit. Prom and Ekk were encouraging and fun to be with. The food served was nice and nutritious. I enjoyed the programme immensely and will definitely recommend it to friends and family.
-Sunari Kateni, 21 – 28 October 2016, Singapore.

Still an Interesting programme, manageable for different fitness levels, this is my second time here but did not feel that the programme was at all repetitive, still great fun. Prom and Ekk were both great trainers and good company.
-Lim Yung Tzen, 21 – 28 October 2016, Singapore.

I just spent 3 weeks at the Fresh Start, Thailand Fitness Boot-camp. (30 Sept – 21 Oct 2016). Weight loss and regaining fitness was my primary goal. I almost achieved the 10 Kg weight loss goal I wanted, and haven’t felt this fit for about 25 years. Initially I was concerned about my age (65) and fitness level, but the instructors and assistants were great, patiently pushing each person close to their limit. Towards the end I was keeping up to boot-campers half my age. The training was varied and challenging, but thrown in was Yoga, Pilates and water-aerobics to stretch our sore muscles. Accommodation is first class and the food varied and never felt hungry over the three weeks. Everything is taken care of, all you have to do is show up and give it your best shot!! Just for further information I have lost another Kg since back home. Would highly recommend to any age group.
-Jan Ciechanowicz, 30 September – 21 October 2016, Australia.

I had a great week at Fresh Start! Tom and Pong were excellent trainers. They not only pushed us all to do our best (More than we thought we could), but they were also really informative, supportive and good fun. Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance. Looking forward to keeping up the training now that I have a good base to work from and a better understanding of what works for me.
-Christine Hilder, 23 – 30 September 2016, Australia.

A fantastic week of fitness, strength and comradeship. The trainers were motivational and true leaders. Hard work certainly paid off and the lessons learned will last a life time. A great program that I would recommended to anyone wanting to kick start a new fitness regime.
-Fiona Everett, 23 – 30 September 2016, Australia.

Anton and Louise were awesome trainers and made exercising really fun! Anton really pushed us to our limits and the exercises were never repetitive. Louise was a great cheer leader, always cheering us on when we thought we couldn’t go on anymore. I loved the bootcamp and anyone considering it should definitely sign up…the longer the better.
-Sharleen Eio,10 -24 September 2016, Singapore.

Amazing personalized bootcamp which has exceeded my expectations beyond belief. Very well organized with professional and friendly leaders and trainers. I will be back again next year. Thank you Louise, Richard and Anton.
-Shilpa Rajan, 9 – 18 September 2016, United Arab Emirate.

My experience at Fresh Start was one of the most challenging but extremely rewarding one ever! The ambiance, the trainers, the hotel, the classes, the vibe was just amazing! Louise, Richard and Anton were absolutely great. They made every day so much fun in so many different ways. I have lost weight, got in shape, met great people, got inspired by the trainers and the owners. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get back in shape and have a truly Fresh Start. Louise, you are beautiful inside and outside. Anton great trainer, you are amazing! Thank you for everything.
-Tatiana Manla, 9 – 18 September 2016, United Arab Emirates.

This was my second to bootcamp and again it was a great experience. Inspiring trainers, beautiful surroundings, delicious food and lots of hard work. I feel energies and ready to continue my weight loss and fitness journey once I get back to my real life. Thanks Richard, Louise, Prom and my wonderful fellow boot campers.
-Emma Liddicoat, 2 – 9 September 2016, Australia.

7 days of fun saw me loose 2 kg and 4% body fat. Meeting amazing trainers, amazing new friends in an environment like this. I’m not sure can be topped for me. Will be maintaining the new lifestyle for sure and ….booking Another trip just to check in with my new friends. Brilliant experience and I would recommend to any level of fitness.
-Simon Robinson, 2 – 9 September 2016, United Kingdom.

I had the best two weeks here. I feel fitter, healthier and at peace with myself. I leave here with a heavy heart as it was painfully amazing. The trainers and leader take so much effect to make the training program as comfortable for all fitness levels and push you to your very best at the same time. Special thanks to Richard, Louse, Prom and Nick for all the love and support You Rock!!
-Sharannya Rajeendranath, 26 August – 9 September 2016, India.

Enjoyable visit and a great, active way to see the surround of Mae Rim and Chiang Mai. Fun atmosphere, workouts are schedulable to suit each person’s individual fitness level. Surprising results in such a short period of time 4 kg weight loss!
-Adam Hamilton, 19 – 26 August 2016, Australia.

Lots of fun. Tom and Pong were great! Encouraging all the way, pushed us to succeed without over stressing, right there when we needed extra motivation and also happy to have a laugh. Pong made me like Muay Thai which was my least favourite thing before. Tom got me to manage feats I wouldn’t have thought possible. Bike riding was the best.
-Deidre Chamberlain, 12 – 28 August 2016, Australia.

I really enjoyed my week at Fresh start, week more than expected. Activities were varied and I was pushed to the best of my ability but not so much that it was unobtainable.
-Sara Tricolus, 16 – 23 August 2016, United State.

I had a wonderful first week and looking forward to next week. The companionship of the other guests was so supportive. The trainers, Richard and Prom were always there pushing and encouraging us to obtain the best results. The variety of the classes were great. Never time to get bored. The trip out to the night markets with dinner was our reward. Brilliant, I will be back!
-Sheila Galletta, 5 – 19 August 2016, from UK ( living in Australia).

Just what I needed. Very unhappy with the middle aged creep all over my body and shocking level of fitness when I arrived. I am leaving after a week of fun, pain and challenges with a much more positive attitude towards exercise and eating the right foods to get myself, and keep myself, back at my “happy” weight and strength. Huge improvement in flexibility, fat, weight, strength, speed, stamina and self-esteem. Really enjoyed every single class and program event. Thanks Richard, Louise and Prom and all of the other guest trainers.
-Elise Vale, 5 -12 August 2016, Australia.

Excellent. The program is extremely well planned and organized. The exercise classes are hard but fun and the trainers encourage everyone all the way. Thanks Richard and Prom. Highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get fit or lose weight no matter what your starting point is.
-Catherine Comyns, 5 -12 August 2016, Australia.

The programme has very good variety and balance just right 10/10, caters to the needs of everyones fitness levels 10/10 Anton, our trainer was very professional, excellent techniques and very encouraging 10/10. Prom our other trainer was very supportive and kind 10/10. Facilities were very good. 10/10. Yoga teacher 10/10. Pilates teacher 10/10
-Daniela Bitlan, 15 -22 July 2016, Australia.

The Fresh Start experience has been great. It’s difficult at times for someone like me who really spent any time to build strength of my body. It’s important to have strength/flexibility; ying and yang balance. After the Pilates and Yoga classes my muscle pain was gone and the energy back. Very impressive. Thank you all.
-Yee Ching Lee, 8 – 15 July 2016, Taiwan.

Good and healthy food. Great instructors. Good mix of activities. Serious attitude to exercise without making it “Military Style”.
-Johan Lindahl, 8-15 July 2016, Sweden.

This was one of the most challenging but satisfying weeks of my life. The Fresh Start team, and especially Tom and Anne are expert at pushing you to your limit in an encouraging and supportive way. One of the best aspects of the program is the daily variety of activities which keeps you motivated. The food and the massages were also excellent. I would really recommend Fresh Start to anyone looking to increase their health and fitness.
-Christopher Vicari, 1-15 July 2016, United State.

Great Week! New to so many aspects of the bootcamp program week. Tom was great at explaining everything and suggesting alternatives which really helped with my bad knee. Great staff you have at Fresh Start.
-Bradley Kendall, 1-15 July, United Kingdom.

My time at Fresh Start Thailand Bootcamp was incredibly life changing and made me realize just how much I am capable of. Everyday pushed me to my limits physically and mentality but at the same time I still had a lot of fun. My trainers Tom and Anne were absolutely awesome and always encouraging. I have made some amazing friends and enjoyed experiencing Chiang Mai and Thailand. I would definitely return.
-Korii Scrivener, 1-11 July 2016, Australia.

What a fantastic experience! It was great to meet Louise and Richard and get trained by them on my 10 day visit. You can see they passionate about their business and the wellbeing of their participants and were always accommodating to everyone’s needs (tough also). Methee and Pump were extremely helpful and supportive and encouraging and I enjoyed the company whilst we were working out. I gave it all I had and stuck to the program and achieved way more than I thought. The resort was well run relaxing and quiet and the massage were a great way to finish the day. I enjoyed the wonderful food and learned a lot about what I should be and not be eating. I met people from all over the world and enjoyed training and getting to know them. I’m looking forward to returning next year.

-Michael Clout, 20 – 30 May 2016, Australia.

This week was a really tough but a fantastic week at Fresh Start. Massive thanks to Tom and Mathee for being the best of teachers, always good humored and most important of all for making fitness fun. We had a lot of laughs which really helped to keep us all going even when it was really tough and we wanted to give up. They have been really inspirational and I can’t recommend fresh start highly enough.
-Sile Dorney, 6 – 20 May 2016, United Kingdom.

I’m really thankful to our trainers Tom and Mathee. I could only walk, run and cycle very slowly, but they supported me and cheered me up which helped me complete everything. They’re very positive and energetic trainers.
-Yeonghui Jang, 6 – 13 May 2016, South Korea.

Ich habe mit Louise und Matie, den beiden Haupt-Trainern während meines einwöchigen Aufenthalts im Fitness Bootcamp, eine tolle und herausfordernde Zeit gehabt. Tolles Essen, abwechslungseiches Training – auch machbar wenn man vorher nicht super-fit war. Ich bin heute, fitter, habe ein paar Kilos verloren und bin gespannt wie ich den fitten Lifestly in meinen Alltag nach Deutschland bringe.
-Stefan Rörig, 15-22. April 2016, Germany.

I had a really great experience, fun, motivating, hard and lots of laughs. Great instructors, lots of energy and lots of variety. Anton, thank you for cycling alongside me being my personal Muay Thai boxing coach. Food and venue were great. Thank you.
-Min Sidhu, 29 April – 6 May 2016, United Kingdom.

Great experience, very well organized. Great to be taken care of for a full week. Favorite bits were cardio tennis and mountain biking. Food was good and the room was great, especially the bed! I loved the Thai massages. I loved the trainers and also loved the lessons from Anne, Nok and Louise.
-Sandra De Vreugd, 29 April – 6 May 2016, Netherlands.

The program was very varied which gives you the opportunity to find the workout that you like the best. Definitely pushed me further than I thought I could go.
-Saundra Wade, 15 – 22 April 2016, Singapore.

Excellent week with brilliant trainers. Looking forward to carrying on with the improvements I have made.
-Jason Hammond, 1 – 8 April 2016, Australia.

I have had the most fantastic week here at Fresh Start. Met my goal (8 hbs lost), ate well, had fun and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. Also great value, so much is included in the price; daily massage or sauna, cycle here, meals/drinks out, entrance to attractions etc. Kenny and Pong were brilliant kept it varied and fun but also worked us really hard. Please no more press up or burpees! Best boot camp experience I have had by a mile. Would recommended highly. Its hard work but there is a good balance of training, relaxation and seeing the sights (Tiger Kingdom, Temples, waterfalls) Visit to ‘’ Grand Canyon” was worth the 15 hill climbs!
-Sarah Dunworth, 25 March – 1 April 2016, United Kingdom.

I had no expectations upon coming to the camp and it was amazing. Richard, Louise, Wes and Methee were all super encouraging, the food was fabulous. I’m now well on my way to a newer me. Thanks to everyone.
-Jenny James, 4 – 11 March 2016, Australia. She lost 2.4 kg.

OMG what an experience. The results are only a number, the challenges are what count and they are personal. Great venue and amazing trainers thanks Richard, Louise, Wes and Methee. I’m very happy with the results but even more impressed with the memories.
-Julie Rushby, 4 – 11 March 2016, Australia. She lost 5.2 kg.

Fresh Start Bootcamp was such a great and experience. It made me realize how much my body was capable of doing. I was so unfit when I arrived and the coaches Louise, Tom, Kenny and Anton have been pushing me every day. They were so helpful. They made me believe in myself again and that was the most important goal for me.
-Margot Haddad, 19 February – 4 March 2016, France.

A great balance of exercise, delicious and satisfying meals such a supportive environment to invest in yourself and health. Our trainers pushed and encouraged everyone to achieve their personal best every activity.
-Bligh Gibbs, 26 February – 4 March 2016, Australia.

I can’t thank Louise and Richard enough for creating this boot camp. Everything was perfect. Exactly what I was looking for: the location, the workout, the testing process, the stretching and massage. Did I mention the workouts. Anyway, you have helped me break a cycle of grieving that had dragged me into a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating choices. I have literally rediscovered the joy in my life and gotten fitter at the same time. Thank you.
-Lynne Atwill, 11 – 26 February 2016, Canada.

This was our 3rd time at Fresh Start boot camp and we weren’t disappointed. The food was great and the new improvements to the resort are a welcome upgrade. It was lovely to meet Richard and Louise at last. The trainers are lovely, motivating and knowledgeable, classes are geared for all levels, adaptions made as required. I enjoyed all the different activities, trips and the people. Thanks guys for a great week. See you again.
-Hilary Oliver, 19 – 26 February 2016, United Kingdom.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 10 days at boot camp. I have lost 4.1 kg inside those 10 days, nearly 10% of my body fat and increased my body muscle by over 5%. I feel fitter, fresher and now hope to sustain healthy living in the future, especially now. I have gained new training and dietary techniques.
-David Hardy, 15 – 26 February, Australia.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks on the boot camp. The balance and variety of activities is perfect. Lots of hard sessions, but mixed in with some great fun activities. The food has been first rate. The combination of training and diet have led to me achieving excellent results in both weight loss and more importantly fitness levels. Add in the massages and it has been a truly great experience. Thank you fresh start.
-Steve Hamilton, 5 -19 February 2016, United Kingdom.

A great week in a lovely setting, lots of hard work but with a very supportive fitness team, both Fresh start and the rest of the boot campers. I came to improve general fitness, but not lose weight and managed to do both.
-Rosemary Hayward, 12 – 19 February 2016, United Kingdom

I have had a fabulous week. Totally does what it says, a fresh start and we a re-boot with a lots of fun along the way. Richard, Wes, Methee, Louise and the other trainer have been fantastic, really motivating, friendly and fun. The program is so varied that you keep really engaged. It ran extremely smoothly even though we were a large group of 14 people. The food has been great and the hotel is in perfectly tranquil surroundings. I will be recommending it to everyone. Thanks again to Richard for leading the group it’s been ace.
-Rachel Chadwick, 5 – 12 February 2016, United Kingdom.

A brilliant week. Trainers were supportive and encouraging without being annoying, not easy! Excellent verity of activities. Food is very good and surprisingly filling. Lovely location. Thank you so much for a hard, but thoroughly enjoyable week.
-Adam Shaw, 5 -12 February 2016, U.K. living in China.

Thanks to Tom and Pong for an amazing week at boot camp. I had a really great time and they made all the exercises really fun whilst working us hard. The tips and advice they gave we me were invaluable to take home. Thanks so much, you guys were awesome.
-Josephine Quinlan, 1 – 8 January 2016, United Kingdom.

Tom and Khun Pong are truly amazing. It was fun but torture at the same time. Fun because every day there are different activities. Torture because the activities are very challenging. Tom and Khun Pong are very supportive. I wanted to quit after a day but Tom encouraged me to go on. His words of wisdom together with his continued support helped me tremendously. Khun Pong stayed with me and encouraged me every single step of the way. I couldn’t have done this for a week without Tom and Khun Pong’s support. Thank you so much.
-Nancy Black, 1 – 8 January 2016, Australia.

I have had an amazing week. It has been tough but fun as well and at the end I feel great. Every activity has been great but I really enjoyed the day we spent cycling, it was such fun and even though I was exhausted at the end of the day. Kenny has been a First Class leader he has engaged personally with every member of our boot camp. I enjoyed our chats on the hikes and I have learned so much from him about fitness and nutrition and food. I also want to say a giant thank you to Methee for his encouragement and for being there running with me on my runs up the Slopes. This experience has been life change for me. Thanks so much. We will see you next year.
-Jacqueline McMullan, 23 December 2015 – 3 January 2016, Hong Kong.

Firstly, a big thank you to Kenny, Anton and Methee for a most enjoyable time. Thanks. Everything was so well organized, that it kept your mind always occupied, so you never felt bored. The team games were fun. I really enjoyed being here. The accommodation and food was excellent. It taught me about how to appreciate food and how you do not have to always eat everything that is put down in front of you. Thanks again.
-James McMullan, 23 December 2015 – 3 January 2016, Hong Kong.

I had excellent, direct program, which ensures everyone is able to get involved. Perfect balance of strong encouragement patience and support from Tom, Anton and Richard. Could not ask for better instructors and always with a great sent of fun. Thank you.
-Adele Phoenix, 14 – 25 December 2015, United Kingdom.

Great trainers who really push you to do more than you would normally do. Very fun week with lots of varied activities. Loved the cycling and Muay Thai.
-Louise Murry, 18 December 2015 – 1 January 2016, United Kingdom.

I have got the chance to spend 5 solid weeks at the boot camp. These week were brilliant, I came here to find myself and get back on track with my fitness journey. Not only did I lose weight, I really fell in love with myself again. I am looking forward to going home and continuing my healthy lifestyle, and perhaps even joining a Muay thai boxing gym. This boot camp was not only about losing weight, but fighting my depression.
-Sarah Lily LeBlanc, 6 November – 11 December 2015, Canada.

I had a great week, tough but actually lots of fun. More holistic than other boot camps I’ve been too. Kenny and Anton were motivating and awesome! I’m sure I will be back.
-Chris Allen, 27 November – 4 December 2015, United Kingdom.

This was my first experience of a “Bootcamp” and it came as a bit of shock! I really thought I had bitten off more than I could chew! But the whole program was fantastic. This I must say, Never was I made to feel at a total loss. The whole week was very well planned and all the instructors were truly fantastic and reassuring. Thank you so much.
-Shaila Jain, 20-27 November 2015, Singapore.

Instructors were fantastic. The days are varied and there’s never a dull moment. You surprise yourself at what you can do and after a week you will be amazed at how quickly you recover from each session. The food is great and healthy and you can adapt the menu to choose what you like. I lost 7.4 kg in week one and 2.4 kg in week 2, a total of 9.8 kgs ion 2 weeks.
-Joe Duffy, 13 – 27 November 2015, Australia.

I have really enjoyed my week at Bootcamp. It was exactly the tonic I needed. The days are varied and interesting. The workouts challenging but manageable and everyone has been really friendly and encouraging. I enjoyed the food and was not hungry at all. I am looking forward to keeping it up. Thanks to you all! I lost 3.6 kg and 4.5 cm from my waist.
-Alexandra Underwood, 20 – 27 November 2015, United Kingdom.

Back for a second visit. Was so won over by the great location and organization. As well as getting fit and exceeding my own limitations. I was able to absorb the culture and famous sites. Richard and Louise are superb hosts paying attention to every detail and personal requests. They take a pride in their business and want everybody to do well. Can’t recommend it highly enough.
-Lynne Bell and David Bell, 13 – 20 November 2015, United States.

Great experience even for only 3 days. I came for a short time, half way through the start of boot camp and was pleasantly surprised by how welcoming and friendly the group was to a newcomer. In only a short 3 days I made new friends from around the world, had a great variety if workouts and also had an opportunity to experience some of Chiang Mai. As someone who already exercise regularly, this was still a challenge! The overall experience of the program is top-notch. Richard and Louise really take an interest in constantly improving and taking feedback from their boot camper guests. The resort is very nice, the food was great as well and the daily Thai massages to relieve your tired muscles! If you are in need of a jump start to your fitness routine or are just getting started I would highly recommend Fresh Start. It truly is a great value for what you receive and if you are thinking about booking, do it!
-Silesia Hunter, 17 – 20 November 2015, United States.

An absolutely amazing experience. Very challenging but fun. Really supportive environment, learned a lot to take home with me. Can’t wait to keep going.
-Tracey Jacques, 6 – 16 November 2015, Australia.

This is my third time at Bootcamp so I obviously love it. I will definitely come back again and I would thoroughly recommended the Bootcamp to anyone who is up for a challenge and want to improve their fitness. The trainers and organizers are amazing and the program, meal and accommodation are perfect. Thanks so much Richard Louise Kenny and Mike.
-Joel Ford, 27 October – 6 November 2015, Australia.

Just finished an awesome 2 weeks. Exercise was tough but the trainers were amazingly supportive, fun and really made the 2 weeks awesome fun, great results. Will definitely be back, hopefully to train with Tom and Anton again.
-Linda Winterbottom, 15 October – 6 November 2015, Australia

Awesome place, awesome instructors! Pushed just enough to exceed my limits. Knowledgeable and entertaining. Each day I thought I can’t possibly do what they have planned tomorrow, but you do breathe, move forward, smile, repeat.The Thai people are the sweetest, friendliest, humble people you could meet. Thank you Thailand.
-Kerrie Brooks, 13 – 27 October 2015, Australia

Amazing program, really saw some tangible results. I lost nearly 3 kilos in fat! and lowered body fat advantage, extremely happy with the results. Trainer, Tom and Anton both very helpful and knowledgeable, well organized program, wasn’t bored and the diet was just right to help lose weight. Room and spa were good, massage was great at sorting out aches and pains.
-Peter Chan 16 -23 October, Hong Kong

My time at the Boot camp was a great experience. The week was full of fun but challenging activities, in a motivating atmosphere. The instructors were always encouraging us to do our best and the results of the hard work definitely showed at the end, physically and mentally. While all the activities were very enjoyable, my favorite activities were probably the Thai boxing, cycle day and Tabata. The best experiences were the team games and the feeling at the end of many tough workouts. Also, Thailand is a beautiful place with wonderful people and that itself was a great experience. The food at the resort restaurant were all wonderful. I never had a meal I didn’t like, It all tasted so fresh and delicious. I would definitely recommend this Boot camp to anyone who is looking for a fun but challenging get a way, where they can improve their fitness. The instructors and the staff at the resort are all wonderful.
-Krista Bennett 9 – 16 October 2015, United States.

I came have weighing 112.8 kg, and now I weight 108 kg. I definitely feel stronger, fitter and since I have been eating a healthy diet for a week. I really feel confident in taking these habits into my own life at home. I lacked a lot of confidence in my own fitness and body’s ability due to time away from fitness and injury and coming here. Fresh Start gave me the encouragement and confidence to be more involved in fitness at home and to push myself. The whole group of people were really a great bunch, all of the trainers were really good. There was enough variety in sports, exercise to keep it interesting. I would recommend this to anyone.
-Matthew Negus 2 – 9 October 2015, Australia.

My Favorite things were team sports, cardio tennis and Muay Thai. Food was great. Staff were great. Overall very good experience. Thank you.

-Michael Anderson. 18-25 September 2015, Australia.

My favourite bits were Team sports, football , tyre polls, cardio Tennis, Muay Thai boxing session at the gym. Trainers pushed us to our limits and really encouraging us through the pain barrier. The hotel was comfortable and staff very accommodating.
– Kenneth Chelliah. 18-25 September 2015, Australia

I have had a wonderful experience at Fresh Start. Nick and Mike have been fantastic, encouraging + motivating. My favorite activities were the cardio tennis, the cycling around the country side and Muay Thai – which was my first time, thoroughly enjoyed.
– Abigail Armstrong. 11-18 September 2015, United Kingdom.

We enjoyed the Boot Camp and it has inspired us to eat more healthy and exercise more. Please pass on our thanks to all concerned. Both the trainers were great and it was a lovely setting to do the Bootcamp in. Next time we hope to do the full week.

– Phil and Caroline Stevens from Saudi Arabia  . August 2015

I really liked the circuits and Kettle bells. The Muay Thai was my highlight. The food was great. Kenny did a great job and kept us motivated. Big thanks!
-Vicky Goosens from Holland. July 2015

Favourite : Tennis, boxing and Thai massage. Hardest : Circuits, but still good as I really learnt how hard I need to work and some great new exercises learned. Great trainer! The best! Very enthusiastic. Overall impression of food, room’s venues and staff are great!
-Linda Johannessen from Norway. July 2015.

I have had a great time at the bootcamp and really liked the combination of exercises. The tennis was lots of fun, the cycling, Circuits were also fun and so good for my body! Exhausting, but great. All the staff were lovely and smiley, Thanks Tom.
-Lill Ann Andersson from Norway. July 2015.

Bike ride and the Thai Boxing were fantastic, it was really good to do different activities.
Facilities were very good, food and accommodation excellent. Tom was excellent + knowledgeable, kept me going.
-Stuart Grosssart from Norway. July 2015

Loved the variety of activities. the week has shown how much I am capable of doing and how far I can push my body. Food has been great. Room is great – staff very friendly and helpful.
-Judy Roe from Hong Kong. July 2015

Favorite: The trainers were great and pushed us all and they managed to keep us all motivated. Varied schedule introduced us to new exercise options. W will take them home! Food: generally good and inspiring, Lunch at cafe sala was lovely. Take away meals nice. Muay Thai gym stage were great. Jang’s water aerobic class in the rain was delightful.
-Kim and Ron Yong from Guam. Between both of them, they lost 12.1 kg in just 1 week. (Kim lost 5.8kg and Ron lost 6.3kg)!! 2015

Everything was fantastic. The cycle was great, the walks here magical, the food was good. All in all a great experience.
-Rayne Barnes from Australia. July 2015. He lost 4kg in just one week!

Loved all of it and meeting my new fitness friends! Room accommodations were perfect and staff were friendly and helpful. Really liked that we were kept on a schedule to keep the group together. Excellent massage – PEN! lee here!
-Lia Joshua Dungca from Guam. July 2015. She lost 4.2kg in just one week.

Actually all good, Well arrangement.
-Echo Young from Guam. July 2015

Fantastic! Phill and Tom were great. Food and service – excellent
-Audra Rimmer from Australia. July 2015. Lost 3.8 kg in just one week.

Before coming I thought it would be easier, but in reality it was very tough week. The instructors were dedicated to push us through and gave a lot of help and support. Thanks to Phil and Tom to push and encourage. Bike ride was a good one to remember. Sprints by Phil were the most exhausting ones to remember but it all worked well and pushed me further. Food was great, no complaints there, could not be better. Staff friendly and helpful.
-Rustam Ismagilov from UK. July 2015. He lost 5.8 kg in just one week!!

Phil and Tom are wonderful instructors who are dedicated, caring and shared their knowledge with us. Food was good.
-Valerie Leong from Singapore. July 2015. Lost 3.2 kg in just one week.

After 2 weeks here I am delighted with the progress I have made. I had so much fun on the Sunday cycle trip to the tigers and really enjoyed feeling the improvement in my fitness. I never felt hungry and the rooms were wonderful, the staff in the resort are always ready to help. The Trainers both week one – Kenny+Tom and week two – Nick+Kenny were brilliant, always ready to push and encourage but in a nice way. Overall I lost 10cm on my waist, 7.9cm off my thighs, 1cm from my arms and 1.9% body fat. Overall I lost 6.2 kg. By beep test improved from 3.0 to 4.5 and my fitness test went from 12.09 to 6.06.
Clare Carney from Ireland. July 2105

Great two weeks! Food was lovely. Trainers were amazing. Extremely supportive and encouraging. Kenny,Tom and Nick know when to push.
Katherine Brewer. From the USA. July 2015

I had an excellent time at bootcamp, it was great that the programme is so varied, it kept me motivated and stopped me from getting bored. Activities were well planed and challenging. I really enjoyed Thursday with the stair climb and the Muay Thai boxing. It was also great to see the Tigers on the Sunday cycle ride! Food was great, I was never hungry. Rooms were great.
Lara Wilkinson from the UK. July 2015

What a great couple of weeks. Surprised by what I could achieve in such a short time, 2 weeks. Leaving refreshed, fitter, trimmer and happier. All the trainers are great, motivating and very encouraging in helping achieve more and pushing beyond what I thought was personally possible. Food and rooms are great, such a comfy bed to return to at the end of the day. Spa treatments were essential to keep the body together. Thanks to the Fresh Start team in helping me get my fresh start! Cheers.​
-Kylie Farrell from Australia. July 2015. Lost 6.2kg in 2 weeks

Absolutely fantastic week. Lots of variety in activities which keep it fun. Kenny and Tom were brilliant trainers – lovely, friendly, motivational, knowledgeable. The food was delicious throughout and the portions surprisingly generous. I never felt hungry or deprived. I am really pleased with the results of all the week’s efforts and have to keep up the good work when I get home. All in all , a fabulous week filled with fun and laughter and lots of positive energy. Thank you!
-Kate Chadwick. July 2015. Lost 5.7 kg and lost 6.7 inches of her waist in just one week!

The Trainers, Tom and Kenny were exceptionally good. They kept me motivated and helped me obtain the results that I wanted.
-Pyari Bose from the UK. July 2015. Lost 3.5 kg in just one week,

Thank you to all of the bootcamp staff for an awesome two weeks! I initially booked up for 1 week but in an endorphins filled haze, signed up for an extra week, and so glad that i did! Special thanks to the trainers, Tom, phill and Kenny. I felt Tom was so passionate, positive and supportive and knowledgeable about training and nutrition. Phill’s energy and laughter made for a fun time which made the experience much more enjoyable ! The food was nutritious and filling, and I certainly was not hungry. Accommodation is excellent and resort staff helpful and friendly. Thanks again! xx
-Joanne Collett. July 2015

Loved it. It exceeded all my expectations. I think the website undersold it a bit. My favourite bits were the trainers – world class, very motivating, upbeat, good fun, knowledgeable and great examples to aspire you. Great variety in terms of sport – indoor/ outdoor. I’d like the yoga or pilates ever night! Rooms were great. Love you all. Will be back + I’ll promote you in Vietnam!
-Annabelle Audier from Vietnam. June 2015

A memorable and challenging experience. Tom and Phil are great instructors. Super varied activities. Highlights: cycling to a great lunch venue, Thursday day out to temple and having dinner in Chiang Mai.
-Sue-Ann Gor from Malaysia. June 2015

The last week has been surreal. Accomplishing so many exercises is something I never thought I could manage. The massages at the end of each day is simply amazing. The trainers, Tom, Kenny and Phill are just so encouraging and friendly. My best experience is probably biking! Although it is the worst activity that I’ve done. Have not been on a bicycle for at least 15 years, I was really afraid, but Phil was really patient and always there when I needed and encourage me all the way. There were many times that I wanted to quit but i was encouraged to push on. Food was good. Thank you Fresh Start for such an amazing week here in Chiang Mai.
-Eileen Tan from Singapore. May 2015

I enjoyed all the activities on this camp. Tom was a great coach – he was very encouraging. Best of all, he taught us how and where we could do the exercises. He shared not only exercise but also healthy diet ideas. He is the best. Thank you Tom.
-Nancy Yeo from Singapore. May 2015

I was a little apprehensive about coming to bootcamp but it was an amazing experience! I really enjoyed my stay. The support was what got me through. I could not have done it without Tom + Sirt. They are so wonderful! I did not feel nervous at all. They knew how to push, but not over the edge. The food was good and the spa was very relaxing. The rooms were nice and loved the air conditioning. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. Again, I can’t say enough good things about Tom + Sert. I will be back.
-Deborah Greer and Jean Parekh from the US. May 2015. Jean lost 5.3 kg and Deborah lost 3.7 kg in just one week

This was week 3 and things just kept getting better. The different trainers and variety we didn’t really know what to expect next. Richard’s calm but strong leadership was so helpful in pushing for good results. So blessed to have this opportunity and have now decided to stay for week 4. Thanks again so much.
-Paula Hunt from Australia. May 2015.

It has been a hard week, especially the first few days, but very beneficial. I take home a lot of the things I’ve leaned this week. The variety of workouts worked very well. It kept me going during the weak. I liked the fact that there were 2 leaders to help and support. They really pushed me without being unfriendly. Although the first day was very very hard it has been an incredible experience which will definitely change my life also at home. Thanks a lot!! Richard & Tom.
-Frederike Oosterhoff from Netherlands. May 2015.

My time in bootcamp was brilliant. I appreciate pushing to the limits, not beyond them and it is great. I loved the venues like Thai Boxing Gym. Food was very tasty, healthy and great variety. It really is a Fresh Start especially for my eating habits.
-Marketa Malins from Natherlands. May 2015

Overall, extremely well organised + run. Hard! I have been pushed to get great results. Staff were knowledgeable and good motivators. I loved (aqua) NOODLES, pilates, games tennis and even liked the circuits when they were over! I came here to be inspired, to get fit. I achieved both so thank you Richard for pushing me, Tom for your immense support + making sure I didn’t give up and learned to do it for myself. Louise, sister, you inspired me and gave me a new direction in live. Thank you!!
-Anne Wuijts.May 2015

This has been one of the most physically and mentally challenging weeks of my life which is what I came here for. My statistical gains were in line with my most optimistic hopes. What I was not expecting was the camaraderie of the group which although partly a natural human response on reflection this was I feel quietly cultivated by Richard and Nick our trainers. The most unexpected revelation for me was we worked so hard and achieved so much. The end result is a physically and mentally rewarding experience far beyond expectations.
– Clement Ray Borer from Australia. May 2015

Fantastic week, amazing what the body can do! 5.5kgs and 15 years younger!! All in a week. Brilliant mix of exercise, clear tuition and great balanced very tasty food. Can’t believe what I achieved in a week. Really great group dynamics. The cardio tennis, Muay Thai and bike ride were my highlights. So many memories! Thank you Fresh Start!
-Neal Armstrong from Singapore. May 2015. Lost 5.5kgs and 15 years off his metabolic age in just one week!

Tom and Kenny well so motivating and so much fun! Overall wonderful experience!
– Cali Nicole Evans from USA. May 1st – 8th

Awesome! This is right up there with the best fitness camps I have experienced. So much variation and different experiences. But it all comes down to the trainers. Tom and Kenny are true professionals, inspiring, motivating experienced + the perfect balance of drive and push. Thanks Boys x
-Jodie and Darrel Thompson from Australia. May 1st – 8thThe structure of the overall course was well varied such that NO part of the course become mundane or monotonous. I felt the level of effort required was tough but correct. For me ! I felt the amount of food was surprisingly too much but it was incredibly delicious. I have no negative comments to make. The trainers were knowledgeable and encouraging and certainly persuaded me to do a few extra of everything that I would not have done by myself. I’ll be back.
-Edward. April 2015. Lost 3.3 kg in one week !

My favourite part of the Thailand camp has been the varied training throughout the day. The highlight being the Muay Thai centre although Toy at tennis is great. The team is the true reason for success. The breadth of knowledge Tom has is outstanding. He generally seem to care about all of the team. I will come back and tell every one I know about Fresh Start.
-Ryan Lawrence from Australia. April 2015. Lost 5.5 kg in one week!

Phill and Tom are brilliant!! Variation of activity-Superb !! Muay Thai was the best and Phill and Tom’s session’s also excellent. Nok – excellent Pilates and Yoga.
-Andrew Nicholson from the UK. April 2015

This is my second time at Fresh Start. Phill and Tom are motivating and knowledgeable instructors. The programme is a great balance of exercise and seeing the local sites . I’ll continue to recommend to all of my friends.
-Robert Collett, from the UK. April 2015

I was very nervous at the start of the boot camp and seeing that I was the biggest in the group I know this was going to be tough. The first few days were so hard, I had never done so much exercise and really struggled. The instructors, Richard and Phil, were amazing though! Very supportive and encouraging me through my tears. The program was very varied and Incorporated lots of different activities. I would thoroughly recommend the boot camp. The venue is stunning, the food delicious and the resort staff very helpful. Boot camp staff FANTASTIC! Thank you very much.
-Jenny Murray. from the UK. April 2015. (lost 5.9kg in 7 days)

I really loved the program : the work, the food, the staff, the sequence, the special talks. Everything was positive, inspiring and motivating. I also enjoyed all the guest instructors – the yoga, Pilates and tennis added a nice variety. The location is wonderful – lots of hills, which present a challenge, but a very quiet and relaxing place. The program is such that it allows for one to forget all the stresses of work and life and just focus on the next step. Thanks – the journey has started.
-Diane Lindsey from USA. April 2015

Really comprehensive well organised week. Both trainers, Richard and Phil, were extremely qualified, friendly and encouraging – managed a range of fitness levels in one group without anyone feeling uncomfortable. Also thought guest instructors (Neil, Toy,Nok) were excellent. Stretching from the yoga/Pilates class was very useful and might have been helpful a day or so earlier.
-Susan Word from the USA. April 2015.

The boot camp worked fantastic for me. With a slipped disk and back pain I now feel very well, much stronger in the back and very much recovered! We enjoyed it very much and will recommend it to our friends.
-Peter Meling. From Germany. April 2015.

Kenny and Tom – Great teachers, inspirational, work from the heart and made people Believe in their abilities. Great motivation, very knowledgeable and extremely helpful and understanding. They helped me Beat all my personal bests from week 1 🙂 Professional, Proficient and reliable. Great experience!
-Anton Qubrosi from Dubai. April 2015

What an experience! I would never have believed I could have achieved what I did. Days full of exercise for someone who usually tried to get out of it! I really enjoyed the fact we got out into the local environment and experienced nature and the local people while exercising. It was extremely challenging, but at the end of each day the sense of achievement kept me going. Friends complemented each other and pushed and encouraged me to my limits. Instructors gave may helpful tips to take home to confirm my health and fitness journey. The accommodation was very comfortable and everything about the experience was only positive. Thanks to Tom and Kenny. Louise also went out of her way to make sure my body was ready for exercising. Thanks.
-Bernadette O’Sullivan from United Arab Emirates. April 2015

Best bits – All instructors (Phil, Tom and Nick) have been very supportive throughout my 2 weeks and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. Good teamwork and variety throughout my time. Fun and fitness combined together in a lovely tranquil and beautiful setting.
-Nicholas Bunce from the UK. March 2015

I arrived at boot camp on the Sunday, Everyone was friendly. The trainers Nick and Phil have been lovely and really made the trip. I have had an amazing time so far. I still have 5 days left so I am looking forward to meeting the next group.
-Anna Louise Pate from the UK. March 2015.

The thing i liked best was the constant exercising, always on the go. Bike ride very good. Muay Thai very good. Rooms – first class.
-Kevin Levis from Australia. March 2015

I heard about the Fresh Start through a magazine in Australia, Men’s Fitness.
I was very satisfied with all aspects of the camp. I particularly enjoyed the non-circuit exercises such as cycling, Muay Thai boxing, the 15 km walk, Doi Suthep temple steps. Both trainers were excellent.
-Simon Ower from Australia. March 2015

Very well organised by Nick and Phil who are excellent trainers and very pleasant guys! Liked the bike ride and Thai boxing. Rooms and staff excellent! Overall Fantastic!
-Anton Qubrosi from Dubai. March 2015

Overall it was a very nice active holiday. The Trainers were helpful and knew what they were doing. The best things of the bootcamp were : Muay Thai at the boxing gym and high intensity sessions. To close : I had a great time. Thanks.
-Elke Bruneel from Singapore. March 2015

This was a great week for me, really excellent! I met my goals in spite of a cold that I had. Kenny was super instructor for our group. ! will come back again. Thanks a lot.
-Alina Safinina from Russia. March 2015

Overall impression : very well put together programme, much fun to do! great bike tour, love Muay Thai Boxing, Kettle bell and circuit are great too. The resort staff very friendly and that make it a nice stay.
-Ursula Becker from Germany. February 2015

Great camp! Tough, but well structure with lots of variation. Loved the boxing! should be more of that! The trainers were good at pushing but also knew our limitations and adjusted for the group. It was great to have the spa (massage/sauna) to look forward to in the evening. Accommodation was great, thanks for the free upgrade! Bed was very comfortable, made for a good recovery.
-Cassandra Griffin from Singapore. February 2015

Boot camp programme was varied and trainers were all very good. Room was clean. I would highly recommend the Boot camp.
-Vanessa Kosky from Australia. February 2015

The whole experience was awesome. Nick and Phil are great coaches and super fit!!! Competition, especially against Phil was fabulous. Great team too very cohesive and caring. Games were fun, workouts were tough but great. Great Job Nick and Phil !!!
-Sally Lim from Singapore. February 2015

The trainers are great! We loved Phil, Kenny and Tom! the variety of activities was fun and good for motivation. I loved cardio tennis. I liked the hike with Kenny to the temple – made the 14k walk fun. Rooms are nice and staff very kind and friendly.
-Dana Butler from the US. February 2015

What a great week and a great way to see Chiang Mai and the surrounding areas. My best days were out on the bike rides and temples. It’s such a great feeling to be keeping fit with a great bunch of people and at the same time experiencing the  sights, sounds and culture of Thailand. Kenny and Tom were great – really encouraging and they are so diverse they can work with people of all abilities. The Spa Resort is a beautiful and tranquil place and the perfect setting for this boot camp. The Bamboo Spa is unique – such a great, relaxing and natural vibe there. The raw food menu is also a great idea.
-Lucy Hurley from the UK. February 2015

I had an absolutely fab time on my 7 day boot camp, and wanted to say how well organised it was and such a beautiful place to carry out such a trip.   The Spa was beautiful, the rooms, the landscape and the food. The menu was so carefully prepared I didn’t feel hungry at all, and the porridge was amazing, a far cry from the Pret porridge I’m used to at home! I was really nervous that it was going to be full of uber fit people, but it was a really good mix and different levels for all abilities.  I’m home now, but  motivated enough to keep off the weight I lost, and continue the healthy lifestyle, the Raw food talk has given me lots to think about.  Thank you again fresh start for making my trip so memorable.
-Ruth Phillips from the UK. January 2015

Have enjoyed the whole week immensely. Instructors excellent, very informative and supportive throughout always encouraging both individuals and the group. All activities are well thought out with the objective of achieving individual goals. The group was very good, supportive and encouraging each other in a very positive way. The food was good and always left everyone satisfied. All in all a tremendously enjoyable week where my goals were achieved. Thanks to everyone at Fresh Start, especially Nick and Tom and my wonderful companions Judy, Emma and Fatima.
-Ken Meek.From the UK. January 23rd-30th 2015

Great range of activities, fantastic setting and a very supportive crew! The spa facilities are lovely and the treatments are a welcome treat after a hard day’s work out – massages are amazing for working out those sore muscles. Food is good and very healthy. Nick and Tom were amazing motivators and really push you to get the best from your time at boot camp. I’ll be back!
-Emma Dalton. January 23rd-30th 2015

My son got me a 3 weeks package to Fresh Start Fitness Boot camp Thailand. I arrived here not knowing what to expect. The program is really professional. I loved it all, especially the kettle bells, walks etc. It was tough, much more than I had anticipated, but it was also a lot of fun. My level of fitness achieved in such a short time gave me the motivation to carry on at home. I Lost 3 1/2 kg during my 3 weeks there was never a dull moment. The  instructors Tom and Phil were caring and kind. I learnt how to push myself physically and mentally to achieve my goals.
-Sharon Lertley. January 2nd-23rd  2015

The Fresh Start Boot Camp was brilliant. I loved all it all and Loved the end results even more. Richard and Tom were great leaders and Louise’s classes (Kettle bell and pilates) were also fun. Neil is a great yoga teacher and perfect for a stretch at the end of a tough day in the beautiful view at the yoga sala.
-Jennifer Chattock from China. January 2015

The Boot camp programme was really excellent with great variety. I really enjoyed and will be back twice a year.
-Lynette Foo.From Singapore. January 9th-16th

Had the most fabulous time. The program is so well planned, it terms of variety, intensity, fun and taking care of each person’s needs. The trainers are the best. I would recommend it very highly. Love it.The cycling day and 14 k walk were my favourite. Power walks were beautiful. The location is unbeatable. The Yoga Sala has gorgeous views. Rooms are super comfy, food is great.
-Damayanti Raje from India. January 5th-19th 2015

Fresh Start Boot camp is fantastic. I highly recommend it. The huge variety of the programme is the biggest plus point as it keeps the mind alert as the body tires and works. Really enjoyed the trips out to get a feel for the Thai countryside and into Chiang Mai. The accommodation is very comfortable and relaxing and of a high standard and there is a good variety within the healthy tasty diet. Their massages, saunas and dips in the pool really help the end of day recuperation. The trainers (Tom and Phil) were superb, highly motivated to look after the guests and push them to achieve their results. Their local Thai knowledge adds to the experience. I would recommend Fresh Start to anyone looking to improve their fitness or kick-start a step change in their lifestyle.
– Tim Payton from the UK. January 2015.

Favourite Bits : – variety of exercise, tennis, boxing, kettle bells, walk, water polo, aqua. Rooms are lovely. Tom and Phil are fabulous. Tom is great at being positive, encouraging, warm and supportive. Both clearly love what they do which is great for enthusing everyone. Have learnt lots and for me crucial bits are breathing, increasing cardio exercise and varying what I do. Best of all I have been fully tested in a way I never knew I was capable of.
– Andrea Lane from the UK. January 2015. Lost 3.9 kilos.

​I really enjoyed my week at Fresh Start boot camp. Great location, great spa resort, the training was tough and challenging but the food at the spa kept us going. Phil did a great job in motivating people. I particularly like the fact that we were taken to the surrounding countryside and tourist spots. The sauna and massages were a great welcome at the end of the day and something to look forward to. Overall, a great experience and I’m pleased with the result. I’d certainly recommend the boot camp to my friends.
– Christiane Kauer from the UK. December 2014

I really enjoyed the week – the variety of exercises were great. Phil was very motivating and it was challenging. Overall, I am very happy with my results and have learned a lot. I will take these lessons with me. My goal was to gain strength and I achieved that. I lost 2.3 kg’s as well so that was pleasant and unexpected out come. Great people, great week. Thanks for everything!
– Amelia Gibson from Australia. December 2014

One of the best weeks of my life! Great workouts, excellent leaders, good team spirit. Location is wonderful. 10 points to spa & to staff there. Bicycle to elephant camp was great day. Muay thai was also fun. Food was good. Thank you for very well organised week!!
-Sanna Aiatalo From Sweden. December 2014

I loved being here at Fresh Start. The program is really professional. I loved it all, especially the push ups and the running hill was great. Thanks to the team and thank you for looking after us.
-Erdal Salmanli from Sweden. December 2014. Lost 5.1 kg in 7 days.

Thanks Richard, Louise, Tom and Kenny for another fantastic week at Boot camp. I’m really glad that I came back and I will definitely return in the future. I know that I’m fitter than I was before and I have the confidence and direction to continue to train and reach my goals.I enjoyed all the activities, especially the sport/ game related ones. It was interesting to compare the two different weeks I did, with such a big group this time. Overall, I think there were no issues with having a big group as everyone worked well together and the trainers still gave every one personal attention and guidance. It was also great to have such a big group for many of the sport/team activities.I’ll certainly be recommending the Boot camp to more of my friends and family.
Thanks so much
-Joel Ford from Australia. December 2014

Dear Fresh Start!
Well, I arrived here not really knowing what to expect and I’ve got to hand it to you, I’ve been blown away. I loved the variety of activities, the programme is jam-packed full of fun and yet so challenging. I feel a huge sense of achievement. My inner compass has been re-set to, as Kenny would say, “beast mode” and I feel lighter, healthier and cleaner in my head. It’s a week I’ll never forget. I’ve turned a corner and I’m not looking back. Look out World!!
-Maz Compton from Australia. December 2014

Hi Louise & Richard, It was a pleasure to meet you both, thank you for all the help, guidance & knowledge. Phil is an amazing instructor in every aspect, professional, dedicated, supportive, caring, fun, these are just a few words that describe him.The short time we spent with Tom was also rewarding, his enthusiasm is uplifting, our final day was a perfect end to the week! You are a perfect team, in a perfect setting & we wish you all the success you deserve.
-Karen and Richard Ford from the UK. December 2014.

Prior to the boot camp, I lived a very unhealthy lifestyle. I wasn’t going to the gym as regularly as I should be and I practically lived on junk food and coffee. I didn’t have a good routine at the gym and that resulted in me not becoming fitter or gaining muscle I found the boot camp on Trip advisor and signing up was the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only did I gain muscle and lose my belly fat, but I gained a lot of friends, seen what Chiang Mai has to offer, walked and ran up beautiful mountains, played tennis, football, frisbee and did so much more whilst training and having a lot of fun. I’ve learnt how to eat healthy, gym and train in a way to help me achieve my long-term goals, and this boot camp has definitely boosted my confidence. Brilliant team. I really enjoyed my time with Tom and Kenny – great inspirational guys. Can’t wait to do the boot camp again ^_^
-Amit Lalloo, South Africa. December 2014.

I thoroughly enjoyed my bootcamp holiday experience. It exceeded all my expectations! I have never been more excited to train in my life, especially when you walking, running + cycling through the most beautiful, untouched greenery + landscapes in Chiang Mai. The resort is wonderful, filled with smiley friendly staff whom delivered amazing massages + great meals! We laughed, and pushed ourselves like never before. I met the most amazing people and the trainers are always there to push you and bring out the best in you. I didn’t think I could do it, but I did it and I will do it again any day.
Thank you, Fresh Start Boot camp.
Keep up the Super Amazing work !
-Meera Lalloo, South Africa. December 2014

Great fun, good variety of activities. Good group, was fantastic experience. Very helpful to have people give motivation along the way. Happy I did this.
-Annie Yang from Hong Kong. Lost 4 kg in 7 days. November 2014

I arrived thinking i was reasonably fit, but the boot camp pushed me further than i thought i could go. I loved the variety of activities.
-Dallas Parry from Australia. November 2014

I  enjoyed my stay throughout the 3 weeks, even if it was pretty hard sometimes. I feel more confident now because I know I can achieve my goals if I really try. The instructors Nick, Richard and Kenny were great. They push you at the right moment. There is a big variety of challenges something for everybody. I came with a zero level of fitness and now I can feel my muscles in my legs and I lost 10 cm around my waist. It is worth the pain and sweat. Thank you so much.
-Ira Heinze From Germany, living in the  UK. November 2014

WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! This was such a hard week both mentally and physically! You can really see what the body is capable of…. WOW! I would recommend this to anyone who wants a FRESH START! I feel ready, re-energised & excited to go home, train hard & eat well. I AM INSPIRED & ready to INSPIRE others! Thank you for a hard challenging but overall wonderful week.
-Vikki and Julie (mother and daughter duo) From Australia. November 2014

So nice to meet you and Richard in person while attending the Fresh Start Boot Camp! I have been bragging to everyone who I come in to contact with about the amazing setting and the instruction I received while attending the camp. You could not have had better instructors in my humble opinion. They were encouraging, knowledgeable, fun and most importantly energetic! Their way of communicating the exercises, and making it fun was most appreciated. I also enjoyed meeting all of their attendees in my group, what a wonderful set of individuals in attendance. I’m very much looking forward to making another visit to the camp in the next few years! Losing 6% of body fat in a week, was beyond my expectations! The food was delicious and the sleeping arrangements could not have been better. Great experience all the way round.
-Shelba J Murphy From USA. November 2014

Thank you very much for a great week. I’m delighted with my results and proud of my efforts. it’s a fantastic , diverse programme run by committed, motivated and caring people, who are clearly experts in their field. Special thanks to Dustin, who is an amazing trainer. I definitely plan to come back.
-Joel Ford from Australia. Lost 3.2 % body fat and 4cm from his waist. November 2014

I really enjoyed my 3 weeks at Fresh Start with instructors Richard, Louise, Dustin, Scotti, Ann and Kate. I’m really pleased with my results at end of week 3, i achieved my goals and lost 2.9kg, lost 5.8% body fat, lost 6cm off of my waist,  gained 1.5kg of muscle but also improved my confidence of both mind, Body and soul. I feel good about myself and really super relaxed, ready to enjoy travelling for the next 4 weeks around Thailand. I really enjoyed the Muay Thai boxing in  the ring at the Thai gym, cycling to the elephant camp and getting kissed by an elephant and getting to the Botanical gardens without stopping, Circuit training –  so many varieties and increasing the weights week by week, variety of walks in beautiful surrounding area, group and team morale and encouragement and especially having such a laugh with the instructors and campers. I will definitely recommend Fresh Start boot camp to my family and friends. Also thank you to Louise for doing my soul plan  and  meeting me at the airport for a chat before i flew to Bangkok.
-Michelle Frazer, Northern Ireland. October 2104

This is my second time and it was even better than last time. The instructors were so supportive and the team were great. I saw fantastic results and wish i could have stayed longer, thank you!
-Sarah Tortolano from UK. lOST 4.5 KG in 7 days. October 2014

l loved being here and 100% what i was looking for! Great mix of fitness/sightseeing/adventure and Awesome instructors. Louise and Richard are such a wonderful and caring couple. I will be back!
– Rohan Vohra from New Zealand, lost 6 kg. October 2014

I would like to thank the team for such an amazing experience. I feel refreshed and wish i could stay longer. I will definitely be returning next year. This is for sure a fresh start for me and all thanks to your program and staff, inspiring and motivating. For not having cycled since i was twelve, the bike ride to the waterfall was fantastic. Thank you once again for a fabulous time. See you next year for sure. Hopefully i would have kept up my fitness.
-Debbie Jones from Gibralta, lost 7cm from waist,1.7kg , 1% body fat and gained 1.1% muscle. October 2014

It’s my real Fresh Start. During my last 14 days i have not only lost kilos but gained confidence, Muscle and self-esteem. The activities introduced me to many sports that i have never done before. The change of instructors from one week to the next was very positive, it gives new motivation and again more energy to meet higher results. Congratulations to Richard and Louise for an excellent program, i will be back!
-Denis de Farias Duarie from Brazil. Lost 6 kg. October 2014

I had a very good 3 weeks at boot camp. The program is well put together and varied, which is great. The classes are excellent and cater for all levels. The trainers, Richard, Dustin, Nick and Louise were excellent, very knowledgable and great motivators. I would highly recommend the boot camp and plan to return
-Una Cuffe from Ireland. October 2014

The boot camp was excellent and far exceeded my expectations. Dustin was a brilliant instructor, he kept things fun, classes were mixed and varied and he judged when we needed a rest and when and when to push us and get the most out of us and each session. He always had a smile on his face, was enthusiastic and had great inter-personal skills, taking an interest in all of us. His back ground in Physiotherapy was apparent and he really knows his stuff. Overall boot camp was excellent and i hope to come back. Thanks for all your hard work and putting this together.
-Jennifer Chattock from UK (living in China), lost 2.5kg October 2014

Very happy with my final results! Achieved my objectives to increase overall fitness, reduce fat and drop some weight. Richard, Louise and Eke  were great and kept everyone motivated throughout the week, they really know their stuff! The programme was challenging yet fun, pushed people to their max. Will return home with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and motivation to be stricter with my diet and more committed to fitness. Would certainly recommend to others. I had a great Fresh Start experience.
-Nick Cakebread from UK, lost 2.5 kg, lost 4.7% body fat and gained 2.2% muscle. October 2014

This week has changed my life! Blood, sweat and lots of tears, i couldn’t  have done it with out the support of Richard, Louise and Eke. I came here to lose weight and get fitter but, I’m leaving having achieved so much more. I have proved to myself that i can push myself harder than i ever thought possible and realised that the biggest critic is the voice in my head. I can’t recommend this boot camp highly enough, an unbelievable experience!
-Kat Crean, UK. lost 5.5% body fat and 10cm from her waist. October 2014

A fantastic week of activities and all were enjoyable. I loved that we were not stuck in a gym and went out on excursions, exploring Chiangmai. The food was very tasty but above all the trainers are the best. I saw some fantastic results in my body and its all thanks to the wonderful trainers, Richard and Yo, who kept us motivated and kept it fun.
-Jessica Dreier, Australia. Lost 4% body fat and 1.5kg. September 2014

Brilliant week, the whole team assisted in me achieving my goals. The programme was fantastic and i hope to be back for a refresher. Big thanks to Richard, Louise and Yo.
Brian Mcnaught, Australia, lost 4 kg. September 2014

My time at the Boot camp was amazing, i achieved things i never thought i could achieve. I’m back to my ideal weight and have a renewed passion for being the fittest and healthiest i can be. I met some great people, heard some great stories, laughed my socks off and Dustin rocks as an instructor.
-Michelle Hunter from Australia. August 2014.

Had a great time. A great bunch of people and excellent and the leaders made the whole week enjoyable and kept up everyone’s motivation levels. Exercises can be tough, but that’s what we are here for, overall a great week and would definitely come back again.
– Sandy Jones from the UK, lost 2.5kg and 3% body fat. August 2014.

I came to lose and flatten my belly and gain some muscle, this was a reality after one week, i lost my belly and gained 2 kg of muscle. Thanks to a great team.
-Aicha Pitt from Ghana, lost 3% body fat and gained 2 kg of muscle. August 2014.

A great experience, pushed myself further than I thought i could go. Looking forward to coming back if a beer belly develops again!
-James Daniel from UK, lost 4.3kg and 3.5%body fat. August 2014

This is the perfect introduction to a long-standing fitness regime. A very tough and challenging set of exercises and goals meant i was always in a position to challenge myself and push myself to the next level. Excellent value and well worth it.
-Craig Halvorson from Australia, lost 4 kg. August 2014

The activities are well paced out. Dustin was very encouraging and kept me going whenever I wanted to give up. It was an interesting experience and i enjoyed the process very much.
-Winnie from Singapore, lost 4.3% body fat. August 2014

I liked that all the sessions were different, in new areas and interesting. Sometimes i was having so much fun i didn’t realise i was exercising. Thanks for a great 2 weeks.
-Anushka from the USA, lost 4 kg and 3.4% body fat. August 2014

The instructors made all the difference. I would definitely re book, bringing my friends with me.
-Mavis, Singapore, lost 1.8 kg and 6% body fat. July 2014.

The leaders are fantastic, they personalised fitness for each of us. I’ve learned a lot about fitness and nutrition this week.
– Anushka, USA lost 4 kg and 1.1% body fat. July 2014.

Second time here, wanted to get fit to exercise and to achieve this. Excellent again. Fresh Start leaders are stars.
– Alan Cross from Dubai, July 2014

A very focused worthwhile week to allow gains in both physical and mental well-being. The mix of activities was challenging but sufficiently varied to be achievable even for an out of shape soon to be 50-year-old! The leader deserves special praise for his motivating and tough, yet highly flexile and responsible management style.
– Simon from the USA, June 2014

Very happy with results! The leader was very supportive throughout and the programme was excellent. It was exactly what I needed to  kickstart my fitness and healthy eating regime and I enjoyed every activity. I couldn’t fault the programme at all.
– Kerry McCarthy from the UK, June 2014

An amazing experience which pushes you and pushes you so hard but surprising how much you can do and achieve. Instructors are very good and really motivate you without being pushy. This is something I would really recommend to anyone no matter what size or fitness level.
– Shaun Burke, May 2014

I didn’t think it was possible to get better than last year but the tweaks in the programme and fantastic experienced instructors and the great team has allowed me to achieve 11.6 kg loss in one week!!! Great fun and hard.
– Scott Cumming from Australia, May 2014

Very well organised and professionally managed boot-camp. Nice venue, excellent selection of exercises and well designed schedule, which pushes you just to the right limit. I had lapsed back on my fitness and this was just the “Fresh Start” (kick in the ass)! beginning that I needed to get back on track. Nick and JP were extremely helpful, supportive and friendly, and always went beyond what was expected to make this a very enjoyable and challenging experience. Thanks a lot guys!
– Anjay Pillai, May 2014

Great range of activities, really well organised, specific measurable achievement/goals, positive instructors. Bike ride to tiger camp was excellent. Muay Thai – great cultural/physical activity. Stairs at temple also good and opportunity to get souvenirs. Staff at spa excellent. Massages excellent.
– Laura Kearsley, April 2014

An amazing hard-working week. Don’t make excuses – just do it!! Great activities, good leaders. You will have an amazing time.
– Justine Archer from Australia, April 2014

I had high expectations of the boot-camp (both of myself and the camp) and these were exceeded. The enthusiasm and encouragement of the instructors ensured that we performed to our best and that spirits were kept high throughout the week. A wonderful week in all respects. Thank you.
– Kathryn Thornton, April 2014

This was an amazing experience which has really helped with my fitness, motivation and mental well-being. I could not have achieved this without the help and support from our leaders, plus the great group. Also the online support from Louise was great.
– Sarah Tortolano from Dubai, April 2014

Lives up to its name. Has given me a jump-start to transforming my body, fitness and lifestyle. It’s started my weight loss losing 3.3 kg in only 5 days and inspired me to continue to monitor my diet and exercise routine. Got what I came for in 5 days!
– Ambreen Isanullah from Canada, March 2014

Amazing experience! Sometimes very tough but nice to see what is achievable!
– Einar Anarsson from Luxembourg, March 2014

Overall excellent, I had a great time and loved pushing myself. The staff was extremely competent and friendly.
– Nora Souhlal from Hong Kong, March 2014

Expectations fulfilled, results satisfying!
– Clotilde Delion from Hong Kong, March 2014

This has been a life changing experience and I see life in a different light. Definitely will make a dramatic lifestyle change.
– Christy Adoga from Nigeria, February 2014

I was very concerned that I would not be able to keep up or would hold everyone back. The instructors adapted the programme to match each persons. I rally appreciated both Chris and Phil and their encouragement. Phil stayed at the back of the line with us and made the exercise/walk doable. I can’t believe how much we did and how far we have come. Thank you.
– Salina Sachedina from Canada February 2014

This is a great programme which keeps your engaged and motivated. The instructors are informative and attentive, and the activities are varied and challenging for all abilities. I’d recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight, improve fitness and improve energy levels. I have managed all three in a week and had great fun doing it.
– Jerry Allen from UK, February 2014

Great camp, really enjoyed the week. Great trainers.
– Greg Birch from UK February 2014

My sister and I came together to get a jump-start in our fitness. We were worried about holding everyone back but it was designed for all.I would recommend this to anyone.
– Shamin Sachedina from Canada February 2014

Thank you for three wonderful weeks.  You have helped me to push my limits.  I feel stronger and much fitter than when I started.  My bleep test results have improved a lot.
– Alexander Voldsund from Norway February 2014

The camp does a great job on both building fitness and (for those wishing it) weight loss.  The instructors are terrific and give individual attention, even though there is a single set program they make adaptations for those at different levels of fitness.  I was totally satisfied.
– Sheryl Keller February 2014

A great program, one that helped me push my preconceived ideas of what I could do.  Well customised to our individual needs.  Recommended!
– Brian Kelly from USA February 2014

Great place to kickstart your exercise regime.  The team/instructors are professional and passionate about health, exercise and proper food.  I met great people.  Recommended for young and old.
– Hasmi Hasnan February 2014

Phenomenal!  This experience was more than I had expected, it wasn’t just about fitness/weight loss.  The support from the leaders and the group was amazing and wonderful.  I came here stressed and burned out from work and I couldn’t get myself to workout but I am leaving here refreshed, happy and ready to balance my life. A perfect Fresh Start!
– Linda Ly from USA February 2014

Half way during the boot camp I thought “why the hell did I sign up for this” BUT after finishing I am so glad I came.  I have had a great time getting fit.  I have learned a lot and the trainers are motivating and passionate.  There is a variety of fitness activities to keep us on our toes.  I will definitely be back!
– Leonie Walk from Hong Kong February 2014

Great week. Great instructors. Hard work but I’ve seen results and have learned to push myself. You have a great team. Thank you. I got what I came for this week.
-Cicily Scott from USA February 2014

I was impressed by the way the course was structured and the professionalism of the boot camp team.  The whole experience has, I hope, made me think of how to really change my lifestyle as a priority, a “Fresh Start”
– Peter Tod from UK January 2014

I had a really amazing time at the boot camp this week.  The instructors are really motivating, they were very accommodating to all fitness levels.  It was great to have the variety in activities and I really enjoyed the boxing, it was great to get some cultural insight with exercising.  I think everything was really well organised, thanks again for a great week!
– Rachel Clissold from Australia December 2013

Great variety of things to do.  The teachers were very good and supportive.  The exercises were varied and based on individual’s levels of fitness.  Food was good and varied.  Compared to a boot camp I did in Mexico last year, this week with Thailand Fitness Boot camp was much better.  Overall, very enjoyable, varied and challenging.  I would recommend it to others and would do it again.
-Eileen White from UK December 2013

The trainers, very good at motivating and knowing when to push you or when to give alternatives.  All the activities were varied and interesting and we got to exercise in nice surroundings, plus see some sights of Chiang Mai.  Overall, I have improved my fitness, met some great people and had fun.  I would definitely come again.
-Paula Evans from UK December 2013

Had a great time with great people.  Very effective boot camp for participants at different levels.  I will recommend it to my local and international friends.
-Prapichaya Pommas from Thailand December 2013

I came to get active and see some of the Thai countryside, objective achieved. Great variety of exercises, varied programme kept the momentum up.
-Margaret Anderson November 2013

The instructors made the difference to my fitness journey. I am extremely grateful for all their help, time, effort and motivation they gave me throughout the week for every single exercise. I needed it!
-Nathalie Vingadasalom from UK November 2013

I had a fantastic week and was pushed by great leaders, beyond what I thought I could ever achieve in one week.  Thank you so much for all your motivation, energy and leading each adventure/activity we did!
-Michelle Lawson from Australia November 2013

Fun and creative strategies for a variety of fitness activities.  Challenging workout days but the results more than justify the effort.  Beautiful surroundings, top-notch lodging, delicious meals were a nice bonus.  The spa was a welcome nightly respite for massage and sauna.  Instructor Chris was a solid and helpful motivator.
– Steve Belkin from America October 2013

Had a great time really enjoyed the activities and feel like I am achieving my goals and the results are confirming it.I had an awesome time with JP and Chris, they really pushed me and accommodated my needs so I could achieve great results and continue to improve.  Overall, the whole three weeks at Boot camp were great.  I would recommend anyone of any fitness level to come here and they will really improve their health and fitness.
– Elliot Smith from Australia October 2013

The boot camp was awesome.  It was the push I need to kick-start my weight loss.  I pushed myself mentally and physically beyond any limit I could have done on my own.  The trainers Nick and JP are excellent at what they do.
-Carla Marsh from Houston America  October 2013

I really enjoyed Boot camp, the instructors were excellent and the activities were varied and challenging.  For anyone who would like to kick-start their diet or exercise programme I would highly recommend Fresh Start Boot camp.
-Karen Carter From Bangkok October 2013

I had a great time and would like to come back again and bring some friends.
-Casey Marek from Las Vegas America  October 2013

Good variety of activities, excellent instruction and very motivational.  I achieved a  lot.
-Ed Voddon from UK August 2013

I have enjoyed so much doing all the activities and glad that I came. The experience has been an adventure, the nature/environment is relaxing to be around. It is hard work sometimes but very rewarding in the end. The instructors have been wonderful, i am so that glad that I have come along, sweat and laughter is what I am going to remember. I’ll do it again!
-Jacquelyn Beckett from Australia August 2013

It has been a great week, we had so much fun and learned new techniques. This is a great kick-start for everyone. Thank you for the amazing experience.
-Elaine Touma from the Lebanon August 2013

It has been a fabulous week.  I have enjoyed all the activities, feel fitter and healthier and made a great group of friends.  Thanks!
-Janette Goss May 2013

Hard work but worth it.  There was a good balance of encouragement with fellow campers.  Well worth the trip.  Thanks to Alexis.
-Mark Bainbridge May 2013

Incredible experience. Wow my fitness has improved. I loved my week here and I would come back in a heart beat. Nick and Richard are amazing and made this week so enjoyable. Thanks heaps it was an outstanding week.
-Carrie Lawrie from Australia April 2013

I came to stay at the boot camp for two weeks and have enjoyed my stay. I was extremely happy with the trainers, the program and the venue. It has really pushed my limits to a level I never thought I could do. I feel much healthier and I look forward to returning in the future.
-Jayne Duncan from Australia April 2013

What a fantastic week! If you want to lose weight, kick-start your fitness or just improve your fitness then this is a great way to do it, it’s fun! The week is packed with various activities that can be challenging pushing you to push yourself, but at the same time it is fun and still feels like a holiday. You will make friends with like-minded people as well as improve your fitness levels and come away ready to make some real changes to current lifestyle that can only be for the better.
-Lesley Yeats from United Arab Emirates April 2013

Absolutely fantastic week! Challenging yes, but very rewarding. The leaders were very supportive and encouraging. Would recommend 100%.
-Magnus from Oslo Norway February 2013

Great mix and balance between different types of activities. The leaders are great motivators and are with you all the way pushing just the right amount without being in your face. Many thanks to Louise and her team at the Spa Resort.
-Vanessa Tough from Australia February 2013

Hi Louise, just wanted to let you know that i had a great time at the fitness boot camp. Having lost the 5kg in the week.In terms of fitness, there’s been a huge improvement. My trainer at home commented on my stamina and strength improvement on my return, and we increased the intensity of my work outs. Since the boot camp kick started my fitness lifestyle. I have completed a sprint distance triathlon (2 hr 10 mins), a 1.5 km open water swim (45 minutes). And have a 40 km bike ride this Sunday. And have signed up for an Olympic distance triathlon in August.I have managed to get leave approved for August, so i will be joining another bootcamp shortly.
– Simei Ng from Singapore June 2012

I had such a fun time at Fresh Start. I really enjoyed the program. The best thing was going to Muay Thai Boxing! It was such fun! The whole day out was great and I felt like I was on holiday! Our trainers were awesome! They had a very good balance of ‘positive’ encouragement and ‘strong’ encouragement. We were given good advise and were always supported and they also had a very good sense of humour. My results were much better then I expected. I lost 2 kg, 3% body fat, some Cm’s and also found out my metabolic age is 16! I was happy to have the beep test result improve from 8 to 9, I didn’t think my legs could have moved any quicker! All of my other fitness test results improved too. I feel so fit and strong now! I have never been so lean and I now know I can always push harder! I would definitely  recommend the holiday to anyone and would also do it again if given the choice. All the best to you, the trainers and the Fresh start team!
– Kristy Ayres from Australia June 2012

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