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Fitness Holidays In The Sun

Fitness holidays in the sun

Fitness holidays in the sun

Fitness holidays in the sunWhile many people opt for a fly -and-flop holiday in the sun, there are other options for those who aren’t natural beach dwellers. In fact, more and more travelers are coming round to the idea of combining their trips with activities like volunteering, food or fitness.

If you spend half your life hunched over your computer and the other half glued to your phone, a fitness holiday in the sun might be just what the doctor ordered. Get away from the bustle of city life and rejuvenate the body with fitness exercises and good nutrition. We promise you’ll return healthier and happier.

Give your body that much needed Vitamin D

With much of the world spending more time indoors than out, one of the most important benefits of a fitness holiday by the sun is the recharging your body with much needed Vitamin D. A lack of sun has been shown to be detrimental to our health, but the good news is that just 15 minutes in the heat can help alleviate depression and help the body to begin manufacturing Vitamin D. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Outdoor fitness is more enjoyable

Fitness holidays in the sunWhile it’s not hard to get your fitness in shape at the local gym, there’s nothing like working out in the sunshine. Canadian research discovered that those who exercise outdoors are much more likely to adhere to their training schedule than those in hit the treadmill at the gym. Of course, the idea of heading outside on a cold winters’ day for a jog isn’t attractive, but you could always join our Northern Thai Chiang Mai bootcamp were the sun shines year-round.

You’ll feel much better when you return

While you might think that an action-packed fitness holiday in the sun might leave your drained when you return, it’s a fly-and-flop holiday with too much booze that will sap your energy on your return. In fact, a fitness holiday will likely leave you feeling less anxious, more energized and ready to tackle your work and responsibilities when you arrive back home. Plus, you’ll be buzzing with endorphins and increased level of dopamine.

Combine your fitness holiday with sightseeing

Fitness holidays in the sunHere at our Chiang Mai bootcamp, we combine your outdoor fitness exercises in the sun with local sightseeing. One day you could be jogging around a Buddhist temple, the next cycling along the edge of picture-perfect paddy fields. Our camp is surrounded by nature, so you’ll likely see plenty of wildlife when you’re walking up through the forest or running along the edge of the riverbank. Sounds better than the treadmill at the gym, right?

It’s better for the mind, body and soul

Research from the Peninsula College of Medicine looked through 11 studies of more than 800 adults and found that outdoor exercise was beneficial in decreasing negative emotions, depression, tension, anxiety and anger, along with increasing energy and revitalization. The participants enjoyed their workouts more and felt happier than those who exercise indoors.

Sold up a fitness holiday in the sun? Come and join us at our Northern Thai fitness bootcamp where you can kick start your outdoor exercise plan, learn about nutrition and immerse yourself in the gorgeous mountain landscape. You’ll be accompanied every step of the way by a team of professional coaches and you’ll meet new friends from around the world. We’ve often got last minute deals if you want a quick getaway.

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