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Christmas And New Year Fitness Retreats 2017/2018

Christmas and New Year Fitness Retreats 2017/2018

It seems to roll around quicker every year, but the holiday season is upon us again. Like us, if you’ve already had quite enough of the merriness and overindulgence, it’s not too late to get away from it all and join one of the Christmas and New Year fitness retreats. We’ve had a good old think and come up with 6 reasons why a fitness retreat getaway is better than staying at home.

Christmas and New Year fitness retreats1) Shed the pounds instead of gaining them

Did you know that the average person puts on over 2 pounds during the festive season? That’s perhaps not surprising when you think of all the overindulgent foods most people gorge on at Christmas time. It’s all to easy to stuff your face with chocolates, oily roast potatoes, fatty hams and mince pies and with exercise usually on hold into the New Year, it’s not hard to see how you could add a few extra pounds. How about this year, you turn the tables and join a Christmas and New Year fitness retreat where you can slim down instead of piling on the pounds?

2) Cut back on drinking over the holiday season

Christmas and New Year fitness retreatsWith Christmas parties and family gatherings in full swing, most people’s alcohol intake soars. Some studies have shown that people drink 41% more over the holiday season. Not only is this damaging to your liver, but it’s also contributing to your weight gain. Most of us can agree that by the end of the festive season, you’ve just about had enough of drinking and swear that January will be a dry month. At a fitness retreat, alcohol consumption is usually limited, meaning you’ll feel better, more alert, and slimmer!

3) Bask in warmer climes

Are you wading through knee high deep snow? Or perhaps it’s just -10 degrees and you’re dreaming of the beginning of spring? It’s always warm in some part of the world so why not consider ditching the coat and boots in favor of shorts and running shoes and head for warmer climes. Thailand basks in a beautiful 20 – 30 degrees during December and January, the perfect weather for pushing yourself at a fitness retreat.

4) Christmas and New Year fitness retreats may even be cheaper

Christmas and New Year fitness retreatsThink about all the things you spend money on? Turkeys, trimming, stockings, decorations, Christmas trees, parties, presents…..the list is endless. Why not jack it in this year and spend it on yourself? Jump on a last-minute flight and head to somewhere exotic leaving the cold weather back at home. You never know, it may even save you some money. We promise you tha when you’re basking in a beautiful climate, Christmas will be the last thing on your mind.

5) Do something productive

While the preparation of Christmas Day can be a lot of hard work, many fall into the trap of spending their days watching Christmas TV and eating to much. By the time you go back to work in January, most feel more tired and sluggish than when they started the break. At a Christmas and New Year fitness retreat, you’ll feel like you’re doing something much more productive with your time. Losing weight, eating healthily and learning about a new culture.

6) Start the New Year the right way

Most of us are guilty of having big New Year’s resolutions and then dropping them within weeks of New Year. Joining a Christmas and New Year fitness retreat will get you on track for your fitness routine before the New Year’s even started. You’ll return to work feeling fit, firm, energized and ready to tackle your fitness resolutions. What could be better than that?

Sold on a Christmas and New Year fitness retreat? Thailand Fitness Bootcamp offers weekly bootcamps throughout the year, including Christmas and New Year. The luxury retreat located outside of the northern city of Chiang Mai offers competitively priced all-inclusive packages including fitness coaches, accommodation, transport, food, and visits to cultural sites. There are still some limited spots available over the festival season including Dec 15th – 22nd, Dec 22nd – 29th, Dec 29th – 5th. Please get in touch for last-minute deals.

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